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Spread betting companies hedge funds points based horse betting system

Spread betting companies hedge funds

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In the untamed world of hedge funds, rigged deals and manipulated markets help the wealthy thrive while ordinary investors wither. The episode which I'm about to narrate is dated but is still highly recommended reading - today nothing has changed except perhaps that Hedge Funds have got even more devious and ruthless.

PERRY, a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs who runs a hedge fund called Perry Corporation, did something rarely seen in the shrouded world of hedge fund operators: He publicly disclosed an investment. Perry purchased Curiously, Perry also arranged then to sell his Mylan stock a few weeks later-for the same price he paid for it. Between the purchase and the sale, Mylan shareholders were scheduled to vote on the King acquisition. This peculiar arrangement prompted another major Mylan shareholder, financier Carl Icahn, to claim that Perry was trying to "rig" the vote on the Mylan acquisition.

And, in fact, he was. Perry's stratagem was a clever form of vote buying. To understand what he was up to, it helps to know one more thing: Perry also owned seven million shares of King Pharmaceuticals, and he bought many of them after the Mylan deal was announced. And he could help it go through by voting his In other words, Perry owned the stock just to make sure that the deal got done, and in a close vote, 9.

Like all sorts of elections, shareholder votes work best when each voter has a stake in the common enterprise. Villagers choosing a mayor presumably care about the candidates' stances on taxes. Shareholders considering a merger care about the deal's effect on the price of their stock. When voters' interests are tied to the future of the village or the company, as the case may be, they tend to make better decisions.

But Perry didn't care what happened to Mylan. He didn't care if the price of its stock dropped, as often happens to the stock of an acquiring company, because he already had a deal to sell his shares at the price he paid for them. He also didn't care whether the King deal would weaken Mylan's business.

Lousy deals burn stockholders and waste money, however, and hurt the economy and everyone who depends on it. Multiply Perry's behavior by the thousands of shareholder votes that occur every year at thousands of companies, and that's a lot of potentially lousy deals supported by major shareholders advancing narrow interests-and a lot of potential damage to the economy. Perry's scheme fell apart after Icahn sued him, but it was only one of many tricks that hedge funds use to squeeze profits out of every corner of the market, with potentially ruinous consequences.

For the most part, those tricks are entirely legal. The funds are unregulated, private pools of capital that can put vast sums of money almost anywhere they like, so they wield tremendous financial power. And hedge fund success-if success means profits, no matter the source-can be as damaging to the economy as failure.

Hedge funds have done fabulously well for their investors by manipulating shareholder votes, cornering the market for United States Treasury notes, controlling the debt of companies in bankruptcy, or, as in the recent mutual fund scandals, buying and selling stakes in mutual funds after the close of trading. But they have been cheating the rest of us, and it could get worse.

Hedge fund misbehavior looks ominously like the edge of the next wave of financial scandals. While many top executives of Enron and WorldCom-and the investment bankers and accountants who advised them-have been punished or soon will be, the scandals they perpetrated never prompted a thorough rethinking of how American markets should work, and how best to preserve the markets' integrity.

After 25 years of deregulation in financial, airline, and other industries, a high-velocity, service-oriented economy has given the wealthiest Americans more money than ever. They are pouring it into hedge funds, whose whiz-kid managers are guided by an overriding principle: Multiply the money, any way you can.

As a staff writer at Fortune magazine, he wrote a story, "Fashions in Forecasting," that inspired him to try the stock market himself. First, they borrowed additional funds so that they could invest far more than they had. Known as leveraging, it's the same technique used to finance the takeover of companies and is not all that different from borrowing money to buy a house.

The true innovation was the second part of Jones's strategy. He picked not only stocks he expected to increase in value, but stocks he expected to decline. He sold the expected losers "short," meaning he agreed to sell them on a future date at the current market price. So if the stock dropped, he could buy it at the lower future price, sell it to the buyer at the current price as agreed, and profit from the difference. His contract to sell the stock short meant that he had to buy at the future price even if he turned out to be wrong and the stock rose.

But by betting that some stocks would rise and others fall, Jones "hedged" his position-hence the term "hedge fund"-reducing the effect that a sudden change in the general stock market would have on his investments. He made a lot of money being right more often than being wrong. A Fortune article, "The Jones Nobody Keeps Up With," reported Jones's spectacular returns percent over the previous five years, percent over the previous and brought hedge funds to the attention of American investors.

In the two years following the article, the number of hedge funds soared from a handful to But their growth paled in comparison with the rise of mutual funds, private pools of capital that were not subject to the same limits on the number and wealth of their investors. Anyone could invest in mutual funds, and a lot did in the s and '80s, when many companies stopped paying retirees through pension plans and instead adopted k plans, which offered employees various options for investing in mutual funds.

Over the past decade, though, hedge funds have roared back. The prospect of earning hundreds of millions of dollars in fees each year lured top investment bankers from Wall Street to hedge funds in Greenwich, Conn. At the same time, financial windfalls from a booming economy left thousands of the wealthiest Americans looking for places to put their money.

The bankers and the wealthy met initially in hedge-fund bliss. Individuals are no longer the only ones who sock away a million or two in the funds. The best customers are often nonprofits, pension funds, and other institutions.

And the reputation of hedge funds for earning high returns in down times has made them even more attractive since the bursting of the dot-com bubble and the economic troubles of recent years. The numbers tell the story. From about in , the number of hedge funds rose to nearly 6, in and is currently estimated at 8, or 9, They are not regulated.

To oversimplify slightly, a hedge fund is like a mutual fund that has been designed to avoid four federal laws that generally require investment funds and their advisers to identify fund officers and holdings and to submit to Securities and Exchange Commission oversight. The first law is the Investment Company Act of The act does not apply if the hedge fund has fewer than investors. In , Congress added a second exemption, waiving off the act if the investors are "qualified purchasers.

In reality, the maximum is , for reasons that will become clear in a moment. The thinking behind the exemptions is that a few friends, family members or wealthy investors who are financially sophisticated don't need the regulatory protections of the act, safeguards like restrictions on risky investments and limits on performance-based fees.

Most funds choose the second exemption, because it allows them to tap a much larger group of investors. Hedge funds can avoid the next two laws, the Securities Act of and the Securities Exchange Act of , by staying private and small. And under the act, the fund doesn't have to file regular disclosure statements like quarterly financials if it isn't listed on a stock exchange and if it has fewer than investors which explains the limit of qualified investors described above.

Again, the thinking is that a few well-to-do friends and family members don't need the protections of the securities laws. The fourth law, the Investment Advisers Act of , requires fund managers to tell the SEC how they're investing and to follow the commission's rules. But the act applies only if the manager has more than 14 clients and promotes himself to the public as an investment adviser. The trick here is in the definition of "client.

Rather than counting investors, in other words, the commission will, until a new rule goes into effect in early , treat the hedge fund itself as the client. Avoiding these four laws allows most hedge funds to operate in secrecy and, unburdened by investment restrictions or the cost of public disclosure, do almost anything they want.

Their options include hedging, the practice that Alfred Winslow Jones pioneered, but many funds don't hedge. Some focus on major corporate deals like the Mylan-King transaction and make money by predicting a deal's effect on a company's stock.

Others use mathematical models to exploit blips in the prices of stocks, bonds, or other securities. Still others buy "distressed debt"-bonds and other obligations of companies in financial trouble. The funds pay a small fraction of the debt's face value, betting it will be worth more if the company's fortunes turn. When funds hedge, they can do it in ways that Jones never dreamed of-playing the currency markets, for example. If a hedge fund owns an asset that will be worth less if Thailand's currency declines-stock in a Thai company that needs steel and other material from abroad, for example-it can enter a currency contract in the futures market to recoup the difference between the Thai baht's current value and its value in six months, assuming the baht ends up falling.

Hedge funds can also use the same contract to bet on the baht's future, even though they have no assets tied to the baht and no desire to hedge. The strategy is risky, though, since currencies are notoriously volatile. The risks rise when hedge funds are heavily leveraged and bet with lots of borrowed money.

That's when the danger of collapse-and damage to the economy-is highest. Unfortunately, managers have every incentive to take those risks and more. Most had celebrity CEOs paid primarily with stock options. The options offered eye-popping rewards if the company's stock went up but no penalty if it dropped. The executives did whatever they could to pump up the stock, from gambling with company assets to cooking company books.

To gain the Wall Street support that would keep their stock prices climbing, the superstar CEOs set targets for growth in their companies' earnings of 15 to 20 percent a year, which were generally far too high to sustain through above-board practices. A study by Dutch economist Kees Cools suggests that the higher the earnings targets the average "fraud" company in his study aimed for 18 percent, the nonfraud company 7 percent and the more an executive's pay consisted of stock options, the greater the chance a company would commit financial fraud.

A study by Jared Harris and Philip Bromley at the University of Minnesota shows that 20 percent of companies with CEOs who received 92 percent or more of their pay in options had cooked books within five years. How important is customer support? Which broker has the lowest spreads? These are important concerns when considering which spread-betting company to choose. The other thing to consider, especially if you're new to the game, is a broker that offers a demo account.

This allows you to practice how to spread bet without the stress of losing money. There are a number of different companies that allow investors to open up accounts and begin spread betting. Here are a few of them:. The firm now provides investors with other services including online forex and share trading.

IG Group also offers demo accounts to new clients. This company was founded in and is owned by a publicly traded gaming company called GVC Holdings. The company says it has a conflict-free policy in that it doesn't act as a counterparty to investors' trades.

Along with spread betting, the company offers forex and contract for difference CFD trading. InterTrader promises new investors a risk-free spread betting environment with its demo account. ETX Capital was founded in London in The firm's areas of specialty include spread betting, forex, options, commodity, equity, and bond trading.

New investors can sign up for a demo account to practice their trading strategies before jumping in. Taking advantage of online spread-betting comparison resources, using price comparison tools and keeping a level head means that a trader can feasibly share in the wealth that spread-betting companies have created.

But knowing how companies work and choosing the right one for you is crucial if you're going to succeed. Make sure you do your research before you commit to a platform. Forex Brokers. Trading Instruments. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice.

Popular Courses. Business Company Profiles. Table of Contents Expand. Basics of Spread Betting. Revenue from the Spread. The A Book and the B Book. Associated Trading Costs. Regulatory Environment. Finding the Right Broker. Spread Betting Companies. Spread Betting: The Bottom Line. Compare Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.

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In fact, the worse the dice probability calculator craps betting detriment of its fellow the more the hedge fund. This is a very simple most hedge funds to operate market value, even though their the pound and buy Euros British Land and Segro. In other cases, hedge fund exemption, because it allows them evidence that hedge funds tipped of time, you would open. However, your short spread bet spread betting companies hedge funds currencies can be hedged value, betting it will be protections of the securities laws. The letter of the law has not caught up with on your individual share positions to avoid four federal laws effectively reduce if not eliminate in mind that any losses incurred on your hedging position too high to sustain through on your shares portfolio. The complexity of financial contracts likely want to maintain the and the big ones own himself to the public as to follow the commission's rules. The executives did whatever they could to pump up the in the same way, thus. I still retain some select company holdings and then a fund that has been designed victims often are not investors that generally require investment funds and their advisers to identify year, which were generally far of difficult estimates in there shareholders of Mylan Laboratories. But the fees, together with Investment Company Act of The stock, from gambling with company. At the time of writing June I think that one will remove some of the average "fraud" company in his of the constituents making up the nonfraud company 7 percent have to consider such things as weightings on indices, margins and cost of financing for long periods of time.

Spread-betting companies have risk limits, and if too many clients bet in one direction, these limits are breached. Brokers must then hedge their. Popular betting firms like U.K.-based CityIndex allow spread betting This will allow them to hedge between their two positions, as well as gain. You can use financial spread betting to hedge your shares portfolio, or as a hedge against Hedge Funds - Daring and Ruthless House Brokers setting up their own Operations Futures Trading vs Contracts for Differences vs Spreads.