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California tribal gaming leaders have publicly said there are ample signatures to place the referendum on the ballot, which would allow Native American casinos to open retail sportsbooks if approved by voters in The tribes hope sports betting, typically a low-margin offering, will be online betting california new way to attract in-person visits and sbr forum nba betting trends foot traffic to more lucrative gaming and entertainment options at their casinos, which are the largest revenue generator for many California tribes and their surrounding communities. Without online options, which make up 80 percent or more of total handle in mature markets such as New Jersey and Pennsylvaniaindustry stakeholders fear California will miss out on its overall sports betting potential. Native American gaming leaders have said they could be open to online gaming down the road, but for now, their priorities lie with in-person, retail support for their communities. The pending ballot measure is also the furthest California sports betting has advanced toward any type of legal wagering, a scenario that seems unlikely to change any time soon.

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Por que mauro betting saiu da bandeirantes edp

The result is an innovative system. The beautiful than 3, projects. These are impor- tant numbers, proof of strategic choi- enjoys the same care dedicated to the other spaces of the house, for exam- and safe nest ces that focus on quality and safety selected products every year among ple in the study of lighting, colours or wallpaper, as well as in making in which the best in Europe , on punctuality in delivery and precision with the in- custom-made furniture when the size of the room requires it.

Moreover, the to grow terior decorators, on solutions with exclusive trends. The room designed by Spaziojunior company has activated the new remote design service, for those who have no way to go there in person. Spaziojunior designs and builds bedrooms for children N ot just a private space, but also one of relationship and sharing, capable of representing tastes and to reconcile the needs of children and young people.

For almost 15 years Spaziojunior, in Vigodarzere Padova has focused its activity, in accurate planning and absolute customisation of rooms for the youngsters with its team of expert interior designers. To date, the company has made over 4, children happy and created more E stablished in by the merger of two local Treviso businesses already operating in the sector and with twenty years of expe- rience, Resingroup specialises in the production of resin coatings and mi- crocements.

Boasting a vast range of absolute va- lue and refinement, Resingroup coa- tings are aimed at any type of sector, The contemporary achievable both on new and pre-exi- sting surfaces. Alberto Loro, head for the commercial nature of the resins and administrative network, and Fa- bio Masaro, responsible for production and application, are at the two foun- conquers the market ding owners.

The company has recently inaugurated a new factory in Riese Pio X Treviso with a showroom of over sqm in or- der to exhibit the numerous Resingroup solutions and a space at the complete disposal of architects and designers who can thus meet their customers who are able to touch the quality of the Resingroup offer. An offer that looks far beyond natio- nal borders. After the continuous collaborations with foreign companies USA, United Kingdom, France, Poland and given the excellent feedback received by German customers, the new operatio- nal and exhibition space in Berlin de- stined for all sectors will soon be avai- lable.

A mission that makes us honou- red to bring Made in Italy around the world www. Living The seating furniture Amura, a brand of upholstered fur- niture and accessories that is distin- and furnishings that bring guishing itself at an international le- vel for aesthetics and workmanship.

Murge around the world Born from the collaboration betwe- en the Dambrosio family and the art direction of Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell, Amura is an enchan- High-level design and attention to the environment ted tribute to the amazing landsca- characterise the Amura brand pe of the murge, rocky sponges with the most varied and capricious forms that absorb the essence of the na- P uglia has its roots in crafts- of the murge that feed a present ba- tural elements and return them in manship and niche production.

The area of Altamura, in particu- the environment. The brand combines its sober elegan- lar, is memory of the rural tradition From these ethical values comes ce with the comfort and quality of the materials used and is well suited to every need in the residential and contract sectors, fitting perfectly even into luxury accommodation fa- cilities, in spaces for sharing, leisure and relaxation. For this we have a widespread net- work of dealers worldwide, and an important showcase in the heart of Brera, in Milano, the hub of inter- national design.

Making its own origins as a family- run company, but always attentive to innovation, the box factory is able to produce samples, small productions and prototypes quickly and accurately. This is thanks to highly qualified per- sonnel and latest-generation machi- nery. The embrace of craftsmanship and innovation has also given rise to CartonIdea furniture and accessories in cardboard and stratocell. Functional and fashionable 5th Build Architecture Awards for Fashion Toilet prefabricated bathrooms P refabricated bathrooms that long term.

However, advanced techno- logy and high-quality finishes are actually the features that distin- guish the entire production of the Florentine company, which specia- lises in the design and construction of luxury solutions for the enter- tainment and hospitality industries, as well as for top level sports events, fashion shows of big brands and Vip weddings.

Our units are aesthetically beautiful and highly functional - there are no li- mits imposed, except for those that are dictated to us by road transport. In a single space, a selection companies in the construction imagination. In fact, every customer of the companies active in the area, industry, located in Castello di Go- is normally faced with having to cho- which share a project of quality and dego Treviso , along the state road ose from dozens of quotes, manage reliability in building, will be able to from Bassano del Grappa to Castel- appointments, travel, search for com- satisfy every need and budget.

Each franco Veneto. A touch of design Proof of all of this can be found in a catalogue containing over two thou- in the wellness room sand customisable items divided into 30 series featuring 21 finishes and co- lour combinations. And the company from Viterbo - with Stilhaus creates over forty years of experience - com- handcrafted accessories bines them according to the specific and customisable needs of a target audience that ranges from residential buildings to accom- furnishings and it is also modation facilities.

Think of it nes of bathroom accessories designed as beautiful to look at, exclusive to and built to withstand daily use. Stilhaus, whose variety of products This is what Stilhaus wants to offer, ranges from designer proposals to fur- a reference name for Made in Italy nish the washbasin top to the accesso- bathroom furnishings, which is the ries offered through national retailers strong point of the handcrafted pro- and export distributors, confirming a duction of accessories that can be cu- quality that is loved more and more stomised to the millimetre.

Fair installations, the reference market. Ferrini builds stands, stores and showrooms We offer audio-video instruments on demand. We are often asked by our starting from a careful analysis of the market clients to organise and fit their stores and showrooms, projects that always P start from a thorough analysis of the rofessionalism is not so- innovation as well as to boldness, market.

In fact, the knowhow of red well ahead of their times. Today ge areas and also rents out fittings Ferrini, a company specialised Ferrini, with headquarters in Ponsac- for meeting rooms, conventions or in fair installations, developed from co Pisa , employs architects, sur- events at large. Our their derivates, wood, glass, fabrics the essence of brands and events, work starts from the analysis of the and many others, taking the visitors combining the ancient know-how of product or brand to communicate and straight into the heart of the brands the working of materials to design, from the sentiment characterising it is entrusted with.

Living - Oice Internationalization This is what Oice suggested to its members during its International Day T he calendar for Oice, the partnership with Ice, with Mise and trade union belonging to Con- the Farnesina. Without taking into consideration For the association led by Gabrie- the fact that engineering and ar- le Scicolone, the year that is about chitecture are at the base of con- to begin confirms, in addition, their struction chains and therefore, by intense work in support of the inter- bringing design, they help the en- nationalization of member busines- tire chain take part in international ses, through different initiatives in- projects, from Italian construction GABRIELE SCICOLONE cluding a dozen missions abroad, in businesses to industrial products.

Addressing professionals factor for success and for schedule and especially for the corporate, real estate, who provide an integrated and coordi- budget compliance. This is the systemic industrial and pharmaceutical sectors. Specifically, the studio dealt with the restructuring of the flat and pitched roofs and the installa- tion of the lightning protection systems. The work was carried out without having to empty the space of five thousand square metres of the at- tics, which is currently used as a museum store area and also hou- ses the restoration workshops.

E co compatible and zero impact construction is the distinctive trait of Ati Project, an inter- national company working in the domains of architecture and en- gineering. The project will pro- vide a building capable of supplying Leading technology specialized treatments for patients, both from the region and from other parts of Denmark, as well as abroad. The building will projects be built over four to five floors abo- ve ground and each building will have different hospital functions.

The innovative use of BIM techno- logy, for all disciplines involved in the project, has led to a streamlined Ati Project presents two buildings management of the design and an in- crease in productivity and accuracy underway, in Pisa and Denmark impossible to obtain using traditio- nal methods. The Centro Direzionale Umberto For- technology and systems come toge- ctional point of view, optimizing in- ti, instead, comes from an integra- ther to create a quality project from terior comfort and energy efficiency ted project in which architecture, an architectonic, aesthetic and fun- through the use of high performance materials, innovative systems with low environmental impact, concei- ving therefore a highly technologi- cal building that interacts with eco- design architecture.

Located between Pisa and Livorno, it is seven floors high and houses the offices of the headquarters of the group. The facility is defined by curved lines and the contrast betwe- en empty and filled spaces with the juxtaposition of transparent facades, defined according to the principles of ecodesign. In this, it has anticipated the garograsso.

As a component of racu, technical director of the company work sites of absolute importance in the OICE and of the Green Building Council, -, it holds a multi-functional auditorium public and private sectors. Experience forms a bridge between design and construction Previously completed high quality engineering works are the best business card for ITEC Engineering I TEC Engineering is an engineering vities in the field of design and opti- company made up of engineers and misation of steel, reinforced and pre- technicians with expertise in the stressed concrete structures, masonry, hydraulics, structural, road, geotechni- road and railroad bridges, both in Italy cal and plant engineering field.

Established in , today it represents Among the most important works, those a consolidated entrepreneurial business that stand out, the design of the bridge among the engineering companies pre- over the Petronio River in Riva Trigoso, sent on the national scene. We presented it to red a passion for sustainable vehicles vironment and involve the use of the Society of Engineers of the Uni- ever since his childhood. In such a ted Arab Emirates corresponding to electric trains I used to play with as way, the company has increased its the Italian Association of Engineers , a child, I switched to design, tran- collaborations with clients of major with whom we started a major colla- sforming it into a profession.

They do their job well and quietly, day after day after day. The quietest of them all and well below the threshold established by the EN ISO Italian style and technology standard w w w. The pleasure of your bathroom. In the Seventies, I began curating exhibits with painters belonging to the Corrente movement.

In the Eighties, Dr. Geronzio Fontana, who was a frequent visitor to the gallery, gave me part of his collection of works by his brother, Lucio, and his friends, Crippa, Baj and Dova who were all present at the end of the year showcase. My longstanding friendship with the well-known Milanese collector Prof.

Paolo Poma Return of the Peasants to the Village Pity Paintings by one of the greatest artists of the Twentieth century: Giovanni Corti from the Ticino area, aka Jean Corty, the only one who, thanks to his immeasurable creative skills, is able to reduce pain through colour. Biagio Riccio Studio Jaumann Avv. Riccio graduated with honours at the Federico II University of Napoli, where he took the title of graduate attorney in and that of lawyer in He has been an attorney in Cassation since He obtai- ned significant rulings in matters of competence, always successfully published.

In recent times he is passionate about the subject of non-performing loans. He collaborates with notes on the bill on the subject of Banking Ju- bilee and he published several papers on the subject. A man, a lawyer, always engaged in his bat- Riccio is also fighting for entrepre- neurs who, despite being creditors of public bodies, are forced to bankrupt and see their assets expropriated.

We are out of their homes. Bramini, creditor of the State, has become a victim and always looking for a dialogue with has been thrown out. Riccio with this text makes us understand the de- them, which unfortunately is not stiny of the people driven away, a category of subjects without protection.

The text is the result of long consultations in historical archives in search of The bill provided for a punishment original correspondence between important characters and their loved ones. The lack of direct in- terlocutors with the banking system often leads entrepreneurs from the crisis directly to bankruptcy. In these passages the credits are transferred to vulture funds.

Goods that are resold below market va- lue are pledged, generating further problems. He founded the magazine Favor De- bitoris and collaborates with various newspapers and legal portals. Jaumann, a historic studio in the heart of for all aspects of intellectual property Milano, is a true business partner for clients. It accompanies them from the very conception of a brand or an invention, two elements that very of- demark or patent in countries in which the point of view of secrecy, the con- ten coincide with those moments asso- it is necessary to do so.

Jaumann guides them know-how not only to protect themsel- lue. In such cases, there is a contrac- through the infinite hidden aspects of ves against external attacks, but also to tual framework that takes over.

We present ourselves mediately anticipating possible attacks Leonardo Jaumann, owner of Jaumann as a special interlocutor who not only and structuring a proprietary asset. It is a sector where it is all to easy to speaks a technical and legal language, What are the biggest mistakes? Not end up having to pay the consequences but participates in company life. The evolution of industrial law has be- en radical.

It may be, therefore, that together with the filing of the patent, it is be necessary to create non-disclosure agreements or, it is essential to file the patent not only in Italia, but in England as well, if the competitor is from London. We go from the natu- ved in Italy. Today, an accomplished fact.

In this case, Studio Jaumann We always work on two aspects that, sale of fashion, luxury and design go- draws upon its professional team. The- to all appearances, seem to be oppo- ods online. In Jaumann, they feel they re are lawyers specialised in industrial sing: the protection of the brand and are special partners in their success.

Requi- tributed with practical advice to its Chamber of Commerce. They also follow rements have changed over the years. Since then the studio has chan- ged profoundly, but never in its essen- ce. We have intentionally remained a small-sized company. Today the tradition continues, credit for having extended the bounda- invest in the Italian market, as well as in the sign of modernity, with the ent- ries of the firm, forging important in- Italian companies engaged abroad.

The main ones are located in Italian law alongside private individuals firm, which operates according to the Messina and Catania, but through part- and companies to win the challenges of principles and the passion for the law ner studies it is also present in Milano, a world in constant evolution. A dare to digital points transformation of view Winning strategies and continuous keystone by betting just on the oppo- site, that is the human factor. I wanted to offer I clients, all clients, the best solution at magine network infrastructures 28 employees, while the turnover the right fee, with a high-medium value as a thick network of motorways.

Seven with equivalent standards. This becau- is from the phone provider offe- years ago it reached 65 thousand euros. Unknown, to those companies that must design or tions to be able to express themselves. This hap- in the IT field. The cold IT solutions, then, implemented. It is precisely in such a tion, that is their biggest asset, will meet the human warmth of interaction. The notary Romano of his profession, in full respect of no- undertakes, even before the magistra- is the president of the Committee of tarial functions.

But what is the role tes, to deter the need for intervention United Notary Rolls of Benevento and of a notary today? His is the cy, to the usefulness and certainty of syntheses of the freedom and equa- only traditional firm that has been working in the area of Campania for nearly 25 years.

Study and training are indispensable, even from the technological and com- municational point of view. A highly skilled points partner of view The law firm Studio Legale Quarto mand for advice, also as a fundamental reference point for finding the right offers both judicial and extra-judicial path in important decisions on a per- sonal and economic level.

An inviting and productive land A ccording to a recent survey, based on crite- ria of reliability and quality, the Ticino was crowned as the tourist destination with the highest points awarded in Switzerland. At the base of its relaunch, was the opening of the Gottar- do tunnel that, connecting Lugano and Zurich in less than two hours, and, in three hours, Zurich to Mila- no, has incentivised a renewal of the tourist services, also facilitating those travelling for work.

There are many initiatives that are being done right now. From local projects to more ambitious ones, li- ke a new cable car between Alpe Foppa and Motto Rotondo. It is truly this entrepreneurial spirit and these creative projects that Ticino needs, rewarding the work of 22, people working in the tourism in- dustry and working in close contact with Swiss and foreign visitors. In the last ten years, the Ticino banking centre has changed face, both for number of employees 5, at the end of ; 7, in , and number of institutions 42 at the end of ; 75 in Di- versification is a path that can be taken, as are new markets, in addition to the traditional Italian one.

The real news is the great attention being paid to the opportunities offered by the Blockchain, which already lists Ticino in second place, after Zurich, with over 40 businesses. Arts, communication, history, eco- vision nomics and finance, international relations, political science and psy- chology are just some of the courses available at the third university of Lugano, different from the others for its multidisciplinary approach - typically American - defined as Li- Franklin University Switzerland beral Arts.

It is a rever- heart of Europe. For over 50 The dual accreditation Swiss and sal of the idea of more established years, the Franklin Univer- US, but the university has also be- methods. But even if it were, student forever. Moreover here, peers from all over the world every all over the world. Universi- lebrates 50 years.

Howe- ties are required to carry out a new Global Alumni Reunion, proof of the ver, Franklin is not limited to this. Focus Canton Ticino Integrated facility management solutions In Progect SA, ethics and economy intertwine with respect for people, the environment and energy consumption P rogect Facility Management is true cutting-edge company in facility single company with solutions for all.

A family company now te individuals. An oppor- to the activities performed, beha- schools and care homes managed by tunity that further qualifies its busi- viour and the results that the custo- the Church community. The pharmaceutical industry and The first opportunity for collaboration cility Management. This ensures a focused exclusively on the religious them the only thing that can restore certain level of quality and attention section.

It is active in institutions, human dignity: work. In the same stem cells is enormous, and treatments, for example of the face facility are also carried out the qua- everyone should be aware: and lips. But their potential in the lity control and preservation of the preserving them could allow, medical field is enormous. In the square metre facility, more for therapeutic use, for aes- The stem cells in umbilical blood can one third of which is occupied by ul- thetic use, or for the development be used in the treatment of blood tramodern laboratories, Swiss Stem of new experimental protocols — ex- diseases like leukaemia or lympho- Cells Biotech works in the extraction plains Gianluca Baccheschi, sales ma, those from adipose tissue can and processing of stem cells from and marketing director for SSCB -.

Stem cells processed in SSCB are physically preserved in the bio-bank located inside the facility, pride of the company, thereby making SSCB a certified company with a singu- lar and complete facility, capable of offering both the sales service and customer care, as well as scientific consultation and naturally cryo-pre- servation.

Focus Canton Ticino The revolution the first time - in such an organic way - a pharmaceutical company is bringing medicine into beauty cli- between science nics, raising the quality of the servi- ces offered and transferring hitherto inaccessible skills to the sector.

Esthimed is not yet another new pro- and profession duct on the market, it is a real new market. For the beauty clinics that embrace the project developed by Documedica everything changes, be- cause standards rise with new skills, much more similar to the approach Esthimed, the project by Documedica, of a physician.

To be clear, a physi- veloped in over a year of work by aesthetic field. We have standardised the proces- ses and based on these we train the operators. It is therefore no longer just a case of selling simple creams, but pro- ducts designed with a medical ap- proach that have been redirected to a segment of operators who were previously denied access, that is, to beauty specialists. With Esthimed they acquire medical know- how that they could not access befo- re.

Esthimed is therefore not a gamble, but a true business partnership. It is the knowledge network of a Swiss pharmaceutical company that meets the world of beauty clinics, based on the need to capture new and exclusi- ve opportunities. It is not a franchise, but an indepen- dent possibility for growth, it is an entrepreneurial response that creates new business by exploring hitherto unknown frontiers.

We finally render the diagnosis that, with Esthimed, are treated not and - he reiterates - we are the first objective so that it is also treatable only from a curative aspect, but al- to do it, creating an official and by operators, we transform medical so preventive. Focus Canton Ticino Smoove App, the app that finds a house for you Smoove App is an application made for those coming from abroad wanting to look for a new home.

Stem cells: quality appreciated throughout the world The aeronautic industry Clients of Swiss Stem Cells Biotech from Vacallo come from around the world. In Switzerland we need to grow slowly and guarantee quality Project Facility Management has been in Canton Ticino since Sustainable housing. And high specialisation and flexibility: two splayed in every corner of the globe. The key watches that come out of the Chiasso lux that was established in but strength of the company is the manufac- workshop are sold throughout Europe, is a family business whose roots reach turing of finished products on behalf of Asia, the Middle East and America.

In back to the s, when Giuseppe and third parties its customer portfolio bo- recent years, exports of the Swiss watch Luigi Cavadini opened their artisan asts some of the most well-known and industry have increased in value but ac- watchmaking shop. Today everything emblazoned watch brands in the world , tually decreased in quantity, a clear sign has changed, apart from the passion and with time, Montrelux became aware that watches made in Switzerland are for the timeless wrist accessory and the of having a marked predisposition and increasingly moving towards the luxu- high quality of the finished product.

Cavadini, Montrelux is a company that design. Is that a lot? Well, ting from the initial sketches and the kshop in Como. With these volumes technical development, right up to the the Cavadini brothers - we brought Montrelux is actually seen as an Sme, a finished product. Focus Canton Ticino I t is time for innovation at La Ra- pida: the company located in Chiasso CH - an international leader in the manufacturing of components for the power generation market - expands the range of proces- ses entering also the aviation business, for which the firm obtained the certi- fication in December Equipped with the most modern technologies for machining and che- cking components, it is now also ope- La Rapida expands its own target rating in the aviation field, a market segment currently booming.

The historic experience is what has allowed us to get into this market. Grounded and well-structured with a staff of people, the company can rely on a valid basis made up by highly approach us also to manage urgencies take a long time. In this regard, La Rapida has ved into supplying complete products, partments for the complete realization always been a reliable partner. We have the ability to be versatile, becau- se with the same technologies we ma- naged to enter a much larger market.

This area has always been very proactive towards its manufacturing businesses - conclu- des Pusterla -. We feel the support of a system that, combined with the stra- tegic geographical position in the he- art of Europe, makes the difference. In life as on to be found in the simplicity appetisers, first and second courses the table. They must ex- of his cuisine. Even the desserts are all homemade, with fresh products as local as possi- ble. Valbianca SA manages the ski bianca SA.

The re-launch of the ski art of Switzerland, excel- resort, founded in , a company area - completely renovated in lent snow quality - a lot and active in the winter and summer tou- - demonstrates the enthusiasm one natural - and a very varied rism sector in Airolo and the Leven- can feel with this snow, the cradle morphology, ideal for true mountain tina Valley.

A new lovers. Freestyle champion. A tradition that continues today thanks to Mauro Pi- ni. Local products for the whole year. The first cable car far from the bashed tracks. Looking at its history, the ski resort perfectly into the general context. From here the other lifts lead skiers in the Leventina Valley is above all The public is responding and now up the slopes to Varozzei, at an alti- a land of ski champions.

On these they really believe in Valbianca SA: tude of 2, Of these, 14 kilometres are dedicated to the most difficult descents, 15 are intermediate tracks and a kilometre is an easy track, designed especially for children or adults beginner.

It often happens that, immediately after a heavy snowfall, we do not spe- cifically bash some tracks. It is a legislation created for the accessory for men. And after the quartz boom in the 70s, protection of Swiss designation and the cross symbol of today we are witnessing a great return to the mechanic. Child orthodontics and dentistry: educating and treating Dental Surgery Dottor Ponchio has specialised in child orthodontics and dentistry for thirty years.

Marcella Ponchio -. Therefore we have created a serene environment in which to make them feel at ease. This means transmitting security and educating to prevention. The tax burden is lower than in nearby Lugano and working in Paradiso avoids cros- sing the busy city. Located at the Lugano Sud motorway exit, it has parking spaces, a railway station and great security thanks to its police force. The Municipality offers an incomparable view of Lake Ceresio, public amenities, banks, shops, gardens and parks.

Starting from local area, has come up with a seri- the language, which one may not be es of tailor-made services to facili- familiar with and therefore find in- tate the everyday life of its clients, comprehensible. Looking for a home fully aware that time - especially in the most suitable geographical nowadays - is the most valuable as- area, evaluating the timing properly, set that anyone can have.

It usually exploring all the red tape formalities starts with a Welcome Package that related to relocation and immigration allows the client to be followed in the are only the first steps to be taken. There is no home, Laura has been able to tran- enjoyed immediate success.

The initial inte- pany expertly run by Laura Poggioli trust with her own clients who, to- rest came from Athens, but the first Maraniello. October 1st saw the relocation is the result of a unique even changing a light bulb can be- adventure begin in Geneva too. Focus Canton Ticino The people- friendly life of lake Lugano An enviable position and improvement projects for Municipality of Paradiso T he strategic position and the social works in Paradiso, turning it in- hotel initiatives that have chosen Para- beauty of the landscape unite to one of the most attractive towns in diso for their activities, in agreement with one of the lowest tax ra- Switzerland.

These tizens and share our luck with them. To these vement! This is so- ble, in living, infrastructure, public and and continuity of the interesting tourist mething new for Switzerland. The shore is sprightly image of Paradiso. The garden theme, with a reinterpreta- tion of the character of the historical villas in the lake region, is at the base of the project and makes up the central element of the design that frames the THE MAYOR, ETTORE VISMARA panorama in an intimate and collected atmosphere through the many and nu- merous closed spaces, transforming the original ecosystem of the shore.

The Municipality, administrated by a mulating urban and landscape project, Council led by the mayor, Ettore Vismara, but, above all, environmental and so- has become the location for important cial, even with important hotel and ac- multinational companies and a home for commodation projects that will be built famous people. According to a list of the along the lake. A high quality of life united with low The survey, conducted by a consultancy taxation.

The tax multiplier the coef- company from Zurich for the weekly, Available to all are the transport and connection to transport number was 2, and Russians. But parks and public playing fields, including networks, medical care, culture and free there are over nationalities repre- the new play and entertainment area in time, safety and crime rates.

Paradiso is rewarded by a positive eva- ton Ticino. Last but not least, of note is the Resi- luation in the real estate market, good A factor which contributes to the dyna- denza Paradiso, a medically assisted care accessibility and low tax pressure. The town ferent nationalities live together sent organic construction and favour hi- is at the foot of Monte San Salvatore The new data on the status of the popu- gh-end buildings.

The town used to be called Calprino, the The number of women was 2, and Among these, free transport on the fer- name was then changed to Paradiso in Lugano, especially with the opening of and the oratory of Beata Vergine alla For four years this important project - the Gottardo train line , Paradi- Geretta, built around the XVI century which unites one of the most fascina- so became a popular holiday location and a number of buildings by some ting territories in the entire Canton Ti- for foreigners.

There mental right to guarantee a high qua- tive the improvement of services in were up to 30 hotels, now partially clo- lity of life. Instead of sedation, the technique even with the first and serene expe- It is from here that Marcella used and required in many surgeries riences by the dentist that contribu- Ponchio, a dentist, follows a vocation to overcome the fear of the dentist, te to acquiring the necessary securi- that has been handed down through she prefers a psychological approach.

It requires an investment of time, of treatments. The passion for child dentistry and oral health in a modern way - or the balance between occlusion and po- sture and a beautiful final smile - is a tradition for a family in which the profession of specialists has been handed down from father Giuliano to daughters.

But we welcome children from six months of life. To check your teeth, of course, but also to make sure that families acquire useful in- formation and healthy habits. It is called an interceptive paediatric ap- proach: acting at an early age on oral hygiene, nutrition, correct closure of the teeth and the abandonment of bad habits, more invasive treatments can be avoided in adulthood.

It is a subject that as a new mother, now, concerns her closely, but it is an aspect that in her professional acti- vity she has always closely examined through updating and professional smiles of adults and children is our of oral health and prevention.

The improvement. Today Crystalexe is a new concept of an eco-friendly zero-impact industry with environmentally friendly produc- tion processes, such as the used water recycling system and the reduction of electricity consumption in the produc- tion line, with the use of water base colours and renewable raw materials.

Crystalexe is ideal for designers who are looking for an eco-sustainable and recyclable product. Through the processing of the surface and the application of the chromatic material, the glass acquires new and exceptional performances, increasing its resistance to impacts, scratches, at- mospheric agents and time. The Crystalexe slab becomes surprisingly simple to cut, drill and shape on site. Easy to install, it becomes ideal as a floor, wall, cei- ling, furniture covering.

The very high wear resistance makes it suitable also for high traffic environments. More than new, Crystalexe is revolu- tionary. It offers solutions that would otherwise be unthinkable, being custo- misable in the images, in the format, in the thicknesses and in the finishes. Each surface area is a white page to be transformed into a personal space of the project.

For the quality of the product it is addressed directly to ar- chitects, designers, general contractors and interior decorators. Commercial development is entrusted to the Sales Manager Adalberto Adorni and a network of technical-commercial consultants distributed throughout the world.

The choice was not accidental, but focused, as Adalberto Adorni has always involved in his various experien- ces professional figures of technical- commercial consultants, who for years have been carrying out their activity mainly providing services to the world of design in general, offering them so- lutions, materials and coaching on si- te, following a direct line that allows you to create a real functional synergy between Crystalexe and those who ac- tually design with those who make any type of housing and accommodation structure.

Focus Canton Ticino Solidity and style for eco-friendly and bio houses FLOCK Haus Switzerland: beautiful, comfortable and safe wooden houses C ombining the respect for the these companies are ready and avai- It is elegant, ideal for those who de- environment with the wellbeing lable to bring the Swiss technique and cide to stand out from others starting and the innovative technology, precision also abroad. And they can from the place where they live.

Made relying on eco-sustainability build together with those wanting to in true lamellar wood, it is a perfect and biobuilding. Its opening towards realities sharing the same goal: bu- through specialised partner compa- the outside is one of its distinctive ilding wooden houses. The differen- nies dealing with the planning, from traits, a transparency that is ensured ce lies in the building technique: the A to Z, of the move of a family from a also in costs, fixed at the beginning first implies the use of a self-suppor- house to another.

They are con- by a higher prestige. High ceilings and nager, underlines from the headquar- sidered the top range, with supporting transparent horizons turn this tailor ters located in Cadro. Here we favour beams and piles. Aesthetic versatility tecture, now a reality on the market is the diamond of wooden building — combines with the advantages of wo- after too many years of scepticism.

Therefore, you can obtain all the advantages of a wooden house, but no disadvantages. A unique vein able to offer elegance, originality and refinement in a single slab. A stone with lines reminiscent of waves, trails and whirlpools from the alpine stream that gave it its name. Mauro Bettazza, of the namesake company specialising in the extraction of granites, defines it a rarity for the area. Since he was a signature. It is that of Paolo Grassi, a Ticino artist child, this has always been the passion of Alessandro specialising in numbers.

The student interested in marketing or economics here will enjoy an approach rooted in the study of philosophical and literary texts, music and works of art. When the vines have a soul Moncucchetto is an exclusive much requested location for private banquets, workshops, weddings, business meetings, cultural events, concerts. The prestigious Ticino winery, led by Lisetta Lucchini, a competent and passionate entrepreneur, recently celebrated three anniversaries: the year history of the Lucchini family on the Lugano hill, 50 years of winemaking enhancing the Ticino tradition and the 10 years of the new cellar built by the architect Mario Botta.

Secure and - explains Fabio Gallo, chief executive officer of Act Finanz -. This is because efficient asset Switzerland is a country that is capable of guaranteeing a high level of securi- ty, a stable currency and an extremely management solid and reliable banking system.

Pe- ople choose to deposit their money in Switzerland because they feel safe here. This is where Act Finanz comes into Ticino with extensive experience in the play. Thanks to a number of agreements that have been struck with primary cre- sector, guarantees dit institutions, their clients deposit their money in a Swiss bank - through E a current account - which will then be arn even when everyone else lo- savings and an active and flexible ma- managed by the Ticino based asset ma- ses.

Just like in while the nagement of assets. Based in Lugano nagement company. It is a form of asset mana- Act Finanz actually earned 5. This group of professionals with many years gement based on investment funds and cannot be put down to luck. In actual of experience in the field of investment ETF completely customised based on the fact, it is the result of a management banking. Focus Canton Ticino Quality and ni team already had the construction of the first building in the pipeline, twelve apartments on two thousand attractive houses square metres of land in Lumino.

The largest to live better operation, in terms of volumes, en- ded only a few months ago, with 57 real estate units built on 4 thousand square metres of prestigious land in Ascona. Of these, 38 had already be- en purchased before the laying of the Interpreting the market, Kristal creates first stone and today there are only three available to buy, in sharp con- apartments of great appeal trast to the Ticino market, which has long had hundreds of empty, vacant F or unsold lots.

There are now he is personally involved: he finds the ni, should not scare promoters awa- several real estate projects un- land, gives a mandate for planning de- re of their means. The secret? Today we are duct. From the optimal choice of the scriptive and notarial deeds. At the helm of Kristal is Daniele Pron- entirely devoted to research. In the We must therefore offer quality and zini as project manager and ceo. Under these circumstances, even the elderly who are still self-sufficient can become potential tenants.

Here, for example, sea view, have naturally sold like hot into an attractive place. Kristal has they are developing mainly furnished cakes. A com- feel truly at ease in their own home. The setting is the old town that will be converted apartment that will be ready in Ja- the first key aspect, and achieving into 15 apartments and two commer- nuary and located a few minutes away an amazing effect even before cros- cial spaces.

Here the surface area is from the site of Expo A a concern for Kristal and the numbers mat connected to the restaurant that haven of peace and calm before em- prove it. A place for doing business. The search for Switzerland financing and the right approach to internationalisation are two crucial factors for overcoming the fear of addressing new markets. The first real big news of Sva Group for concerns a fund for interna- tionalisation, in partnership with an Italian bank, for Smes that will open up to the UAE market in view of Expo Venturing into a foreign market is not a walk in the park: good sense, expert guidance and even an econo- mic basis appropriate for the required investment are necessary.

The UAE aims to become the global place of excellence, and excel- lence needs creativity, otherwise it is just efficiency. Excellence, therefore, is creativity plus efficiency. United Arab Emirates, in particular energy to other entrepreneurs is no But this is not the only coincidence. Economic vitality, optimism as longer just a job, but a way of being.

In first time he experienced, and con- of Sva Group. It is therefore necessary to predict which industrial sectors will most li- kely interest the UAE in the future and raise the local network to ano- ther level. For this reason, on the occasion of Ex- po , Marano will publish a joint volume between economic operators of the Italy-Switzerland-UAE econo- mic triangle and representatives of the government and UAE institutions.

The goal against the infiltration of organised cri- pany working in investigative servi- is to offer concrete solutions for com- me in the business world. The technical unit works instead for en- company, however, is represented by AOT carries out investigations for bu- vironmental technological infiltration the skills of the people working the- sinesses and employment law audits, to work against industry espionage, to re who continue to take training and internal fraud, unfair competition, prevent IT and video surveillance.

Pao- update courses, in Italy and abroad. It has specially cy and Confindustria. The vein of a new ture, which over millions of years has been able to shape the Rovana gneiss into layers with fascinating shapes. Rovana Ticino Alps is definitely an ornamental stone with rare characteristics, a material made in Switzerland extracted from the heart of the Alps.

It is sixty million years. A rarity, probably from those of Boschetto, our tradi- called Rovana, like the stream a unique find, in the Alps. We are in Switzer- se who want to enrich interior design tential of Rovana and its use in con- land, at the foot of the Ticino Alps. An with a material that is striking for the struction. It will undoubtedly be a unexpected surprise has surfaced in exclusivity of its design. A kind of geo- Rovana it is possible to cut slabs, even embellish their own creativity using a logical bubble, a vein fifteen metres in large sizes, to create flooring or sur- singular, refined material able to show high, which has a gneiss dominated by faces that combine the elegance of the elegant waves of time imprisoned geometric undulations.

Only a combi- dark colours and the creativity of na- in the rock. Focus Canton Ticino Either you stand out or you die out Documedica - a Swiss company with 20 years of experience in the development of medical products - brings together, in a structured way and with certain protocols, two worlds: medicine and aesthetic centres.

This is the basis of the beautician 2. Belligi is a member of the board of auditors of Federpol and counsel member of Federpol Lombardia. The legal defenders no with a team of in-house profes- sionals - now made up of nearly 40 of industrial people - specialising in both tech- nical and legal fields.

A meeting with property, with headquarters in Luga- thering to do a search first to find a consultant at this stage, according no and offices in Munich and Milano. It so hap- not only recommendable, but often too many people make when they de- pens that production is organised, indispensable. Thanks says Andrea Grimaldo, European Pa- -. It is not just are considerable. Merloni in Chiasso can be defined. Chemists since , with the tradi- tion handed down from father to son, today the business keeps its cosmo- politan feel that characterises a ser- vice studied both for Italian clients and a wider foreign clientele made up of Russians, English, and Ameri- cans who enjoy visiting the touristic destination of Lake Como and more.

The pharmacy represents an impor- tant go-to place for all of those nee- ding medicine for human and veteri- nary use, but also for finding niche medicines or those in short supply on the Italian market. It is capable of ensuring the availa- bility of a complete range of the la- pharmaceutical industry. Equally si- needs of each patient. Merloni dedicates to autism an rican cosmetics range, YU, which important part of its bu- contains the patented anti-ageing siness. Applied locally, tor Gian Mi- Equol creates a natural reserve in chele Merlo- the epidermis for which the power- ni -.

We also ful anti-ageing affects can be seen have a gale- continuously over time. The tradition of wine, produced tion. Here you can sense the history, Moncucchetto is still today an enchan- for fifty years enhancing the winemaking feel the warmth, experience innovation ting green area where the vineyards tradition of Canton Ticino, fuses with the with taste enhanced by the flavours of have preserved nature. At the centre is cuisine entrusted to Andrea Muggiano, the land accompanied by Merlot del Ti- the wine cellar, the futuristic creation an inquisitive and dynamic chef who, cino, the flagship production of a now by the great Mario Botta, which combi- ranging from the great classics to expe- vast and esteemed wine cellar that in- nes innovation and tradition, a building rimenting with new combinations, gets cludes the sparkling wine of Refolo, all that came to life ten years ago to give the very best from the produce from the curated by oenologist Cristina Monico.

Its strategic position, It is the human touch and the warmth of who visit Moncucchetto always return. Concierge with butler-service is offered as well as the access to a 5 star wellness spa. Underground parking facility. Sales to non-Swiss resident buyers permitted. The six ski areas of Davos- Lounge, as well as shops and under- sitioned in first class locations. Klosters have been brought together in ground parking lots. Davos also hosts the World apartment.

By choosing the latter op- for patients with breathing difficulties Economic Forum WEF , an annual mee- tion, the owner will be able to live there and, due to the microclimate in the up- ting of the global political and commer- for up to eight weeks during the win- per valley, was considered an excellent cial elite. The meeting brings together ter and summer season, while delega- destination.

Sin- snowboard enthusiasts from all over regional and industry agendas. At altitudes between 1, It is in this environment of a thousand cial property, you do not need to be a and 2, m, guests find a thousand possibilities and the idyllic nature that Swiss resident to buy. InfoRLife produces generic and innovative hospital drugs in contai- InfoRLife works in synergy with the ners of various forms. World Horizon: China in the Renaissance, to World Within a World: China in the Enlightenment, to Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This revised edition provides a new preface to this highly popular book.

The theme of the book is China's relations with the non-Chinese world, not only political and economic, but cultural, social and technological as well. It seeks to show that China's history is part of everyone's history. In particular it traces China's relationship since the thirteenth century to the emergent world order and the various world institutions of which that order is composed. Each chapter discusses China's comparative place in the world, the avenues of contact between China and other civilizations, and who and what passed along those channels.

Authors and affiliations S. Adshead 1 1.

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World Horizon: China in the Renaissance, to World Within a World: China in the Enlightenment, to Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This revised edition provides a new preface to this highly popular book. The theme of the book is China's relations with the non-Chinese world, not only political and economic, but cultural, social and technological as well.

It seeks to show that China's history is part of everyone's history. In particular it traces China's relationship since the thirteenth century to the emergent world order and the various world institutions of which that order is composed. Each chapter discusses China's comparative place in the world, the avenues of contact between China and other civilizations, and who and what passed along those channels.

Authors and affiliations S. Adshead 1 1. Michael R. Fellows, Jens Gramm, Rolf Niedermeier. Rolf Backofen, N. Narayanaswamy, Firas Swidan. Pure Dominance Constraints. On Quantum and Approximate Privacy. On Quantum Versions of the Yao Principle. Describing Parameterized Complexity Classes. Games with a Uniqueness Property.

Complexity of Semi-algebraic Proofs. Dima Grigoriev, Edward A. Hirsch, Dmitrii V. The Complexity of Constraints on Intervals and Lengths. On the Average Parallelism in Trace Monoids. Recognizable Sets of Message Sequence Charts. Timed Control Synthesis for External Specifications. Axiomatising Tree-Interpretable Structures. About these proceedings Keywords Automat algorithms automata complexity computer computer science formal language formal languages logic.

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These changes were implemented following a significant migration of funds from de asset management industry to deposits (see also Operational Highlights. Marianne and Roberto Eliasquevici graciously opened their doors to me. Costa​. At the Museu da Borracha, Suziane Alves de Farias facilitated ac- a government handout and a sure- fire bet to antagonize bosses and radi- of debt per se, but their lack of control over it Mauro Almeida also Sai daqui robusto e forte. Emergency department and acting in the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro taking activities based on mortality, Every One, which in Brazil goes by the name of Por Todas as Gente que Fala)• rádio Globo Am• rádio itaipu Fm (​ourinhos - sP) ltda • editora Globo s/A • editora meca ltda • edP Bandeirante • elektro.