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Betting raja songs dailymotion hamari uk golf betting

Betting raja songs dailymotion hamari

Rafi , Asha….. Sat Saaliyan [punjabi]….. S Madan. AK, In most of the parody songs entire antra is parodied but duniya paglon ka bazaar being an asylum song MM has made quick changes making it difficult to identify. I thought Janjibar Janjibar is just linking , it did not occur to me that Janjibar Janjibar is a parody too. I have made a correction in Radhe Krishna Bol upload, hope it ends the search. Mumbaikar8, You have a magic search engine. Every department by Kishore assisted by his co star Anup Kumar.

KS Bhatiaji, This is a fantastic discovery. He starts with the parody of a traditional Holi song used by C Ramchandra in Navrang. In between, he also throws in Tequila. I thought you had exhausted the parody list in Part 1, especially with the comments. Apparently not! I had no idea there were so many parodies out there. Thanks for the tremendous collection of medley and embedded parodies.

Thanks to Ashokji too. Many of them were new to me. The last one 14 was outstanding. A medley from film, Mohabbat. This medley has 13 parodied songs. Ganesh, the MD of the film was the brother of Pyarelal. I liked your quote…. It some times takes a long pause or a quick jumping words to explain a point. I am remembering one such scene from an old film Mela [] where veteran actor Jeevan is explaining to the village panchayat [in english ] the supposedly elopment of village girl with Dilip Kumar.

Gole Chand sa Mukhda. The songs are Do dilon ko yeh duniya from Chand at , O likhne waale ne likh di from Badi Bahen at and the third one is from Bandhan at This one may be considered as another type of parody song. The embedded songs are not from any earlier Hindi movies, but from Tamil, Bengali and Punjabi films. The first song, Eru pootti ponaane Anne chinnanne, at was from the Tamil film Kaalam Maari pochu , music Master Venu and was based on a folk tune.

Both the versions were rendered by Jikki. The song was picturised on Waheeda Rahman and was so popular that the tune was copied into some later films. The song was rendered by Geeta Dutt. Shamshad Begum rendered this song for the Punjabi film Bhaiyaji , music Vinod. Venkataramanji, Suno meri sarkar zamana is a perfect embedded parody.

Here are a few embedded parodies, where the few lines of a song from earlier films briefly find a place. At 2: 21 Md. Rafi you will find the song Dil deke dekho song preceded by Yahoo Md. Please listen to this song at This not exactly a parody song!

While going through the posts talking about parody songs with the maximum number of songs, I am thinking of songs featuring the maximum number of singers! I can recall a song with ten,nine and eight singers each. The first from the late nineties andthe other two, from the early eighties. Any other songs with more number of credited singers? An interesting fact to explore. Yesterday saw Dinesh Kartik hitting 28 off 7 balls and finishing the final match with a sixer ….

Watch him uttering …jaan bachhi to lakhoan paye. A very comic scene Venkataramanji, Thanks for your prolific scoring rate. The search for a medley parody crossing 20 songs still continues. Another interesting point for analysis is taxonomic. In how many types can parodies be divided?

I broadly made three categories: Single song parody; Medley parody; Embedded parody. Thanks to you, we have some sub-categories, such as Embedde multi-language parody. However, we are still at the mechanical level.

But do they raise some higher cultural issues? For example, can we say that multi-language songs represent our unity in diversity? One obvious association was to provide comic interludes. For sometime, a comic parallel story with Mehmood-Shubha Khote or Mukri-Tuntun was a commoon feature of our films. A generation ago, the only sangeet in weddings was the folk wedding songs the women sung in a group that had come down since time immemorial from one generation to the other.

But I could not get its video. The marathi song was probably from that marathi fims itself. The marathi song was also an asylum song. But I may be I can share it on your mail AKji. Bhatiaji, Thank for giving me company in the second innings of this Parody match. Even the odd singles helps to rotate the strike and keep the scoreboard ticking. Hope the next one crosses the rope.

I agree with you. Parody songs in Hindi films are mainly for fun and to lesser extent nostalgia. Again it is for fun and may be for a larger audience. Antakshari has become popular all over India over the years. Here is an Antakshari song from a recent Bengali film where the participating actors themselves render the songs. The medley ranges from a popular Bengali folk song to Rabindra Sangeet and also includes Hindi film songs and Bengali film numbers too. Thus the search for a medley parody crossing 20 songs still continues.

Venkataramanji, I remember once the famous ethnomusicologist Greg Booth had dropped in at SoY about parody songs. That set me on this compilation. I am sure if he writes on this subject, it would be a serious academic paper. Here is a single run of an embd.

It is having substitute parody lines of ……ja main na tora balamwa …and a line of Mela song which is the only one i am remembring …. Jaroorat ho jo raashan ki to baniye se manga lena…a substitute of …Mera dil tod ne wale mere dil ki duaa lena. Bhatia ji, 62 Are you referring to this song?

Haye haye re aji darwaza to Kholo, Md. KS Bhatiaji, Venkataramanji, Nice discovery. The songs also includes parodies of Ae mere dil kahin aur chal, Maan mera ahsaan and Premnagar mein banaaungi ghar main. I am thrilled to have found the long ago lost this parody song and many many thanks to you venkatraman ji for digging out this very rare song which I used to listen everyday as it was played by our servant having the 78 rpm vinyl record.

The complete lyrics refresh my memories ,. My Punjabi friends always eat almonds to cure it. But then sometimes it is boon. The other day an old man came and tried to embrace me on the Oxford street calling me Kamala. I recognised him but pretended that I am not Kamala which was true and I do not know who the duck he was to do such a demonstration on a street full of people.

He begged my pardon, blushed and disappeared in the crowd. So there are always other good sides of the loss of memories. For example if somebody wants to borrow money from you, you pretend that you do not lend money to a stranger. That way song….. Ek Padosan Peechhe pad gai Dhano jis ka naam…..

Bhatiaji, 69 Definitely, this double-dhamaka song very much fits bill. It covers both Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu. I wonder whether there are any songs on other actors as well. Thanks Bhatiaji. Earlier the comments on older posts used to linger in that section a little longer. Canasya, Saalan mein bataate hain is a great vintage parody song.

It is interesting that the song parodies several songs which were only a year or two years old. If the comments are coming too fast the older comments go in the background. That is a good sign of increased engagement with SoY. It is interesting to note that …. Jawani ki Pukar…. Ek Phool Do Mali. I dont know wheather any triplet songs exists as parodies. AKji, How about this song? Venkataramanji, KS Bhatiaji, You have pre-empted me.

Tujhe Bibbo kahun fgures prominently in my next post on another theme. Till that time you can chew what that could be. AKji, I am extremely sorry. You had mentioned somewhere that I you will post another article on special type. That went off my mind, when I posted the song.

Now I remember. Venkataramanji, Not at all. Readers posting some rare songs which I had kept for a special theme is a common occurrence. The only reason I mentioned was because my next post is due in four days. Therefore, it is a unique coincidence. Jaa raha hoon zindagi se door Main pehli biwi ko chod kar saathiyon…. Chitragupta again. This time the song will qualify for another post: songs that tell a story. My namaskar to the grest SOY family. I am Shachindra Prasad. I, for one, feel that one more song needs to be added to the parody list.

It has been composed by Madan Mohan. He has changed the tune in the antaraa. It was sung by Md. Rafi, Manmohan Krishna and Batish perhaps. Please cross check. Shachindra Prasad. Shachindraji, Welcome to SoY and thanks for your nice words. Dekh tere bhagwan ki haalat kya ho gayi insaan is a very nice parody. It figured in the review of the best song of , and it must have figured in the series on Madan Mohan. However, here is the song again:. A few more are there. Chahe koi mujhe Junglee kahe Dil ke jharokhe mein tujhko bitakar Tu kitni achchi hai Aisa mauka phir kahan milega Mere saamnewali khidki mein Aajaa aajaa main hoon pyar tera.

Tun Tun is entertaining, Junior Mehmood is mind blowing in a double role. Chahe koi mujhe Junglee kahe, Je hum tum chori se. Dr Shetty 85, I missed your comments then, but it deserves appreciation. I counted at least three more: Kabhi to milegi kahin to milegi, bahaaron ki manzil raahi; Laal laal gaal; Kaahe bansuriya bajawale ki sudh bisarawale, gail sukh chain hamaar.

That makes a notch higher than your selection Is it a medley with highest number of songs parodied? Previous post: Parody songs: Part 1. Next post: Tasveer exhibits of Bollywood. Songs of Raja-Rani. Hans Akela: A song that stood tall amid the ruins. Best songs of Wrap Up 4. A tribute to old Hindi film music. Songs of the 30s through the 60s. Home Open House Index About. Parody songs: Part 2 12th March I thank Ashok M Vaishnav for very generously sharing his compilation of parody songs with me — AK In Part 1 of this post I covered the parody songs based on a single song.

Medley parody 1. Prem ke taange pe ud jaun from Tigress , lyrics MC Hunnar, music Chtragupta This nice medley composed by Chitragupta clearly shows which songs were the big hits those days. Duniya paglon ka bazaar from Chacha Choudhary , music Madan Mohan It is a challenge and delight to identify the original songs. India , lyrics Javed Akhtar, music Laxmikant-Pyarelal This medley is too well-known, but I am including it here for one very special reason which would be obvious from the originals it parodies: 1.

Medley parody songs with the original lyrics 9. Film Lamhe medley song This medley uses the original tracks to which the actors on the screen lip-synch and act for a comic effect. Embedded parody I end with what I consider the most intelligent type of parody songs. Song no 3 At it has mujhe kisi se pyar Ho Gaya but for just a line. Fully enjoying the fare presented here. SoY reader community also has not been found lagging. Ashokji, I hope you are now not disappointed at my appropriating your work.

AKji: Fabulous sequel. But that was one exception and not in regular practice. Reading of the post is very satisfying to the brain. Shalan Lal. Shalan, Thanks a lot for your appreciation of my post. Chahe koi muje bhut kaho…. Rafi, Asha…Waris…. Aisa bnoonga actor mein yaaro…..

Ghar 2 ki kahani.. Chhaprasi hain to kya hua …. Biraha ki rain…. Rafi …. Aksar koi kadka is haal mein…various…. Maje Le lo….. Anu, And different types too, necessitating the second part. Venkataramanji, You are welcome. The Shararat medley is superb. Pradeep Kumar Shetty ji; 19, I liked your quote…. Watch this scene from the movie Mela from 1. Can this be considered as an embedded parody song? Here is another parody with at least 14 songs. Venkatraman ji ; Yesterday saw Dinesh Kartik hitting 28 off 7 balls and finishing the final match with a sixer ….

Shyam Kumar…Sanjog [].. Anup, Always, if it is on the same tune. AKji, I agree with you. Venkatraman ji ; Here is a single run of an embd. Yeh kaisa aaya zamaana…. Any one knowing? Venkatraman ji; I am thrilled to have found the long ago lost this parody song and many many thanks to you venkatraman ji for digging out this very rare song which I used to listen everyday as it was played by our servant having the 78 rpm vinyl record.

The complete lyrics refresh my memories , Ms. Shalan Lal ; Again what to do with my failing memories? I think i have a great support system. AK ji ; I suppose this parody must be a new one for yourself too. My thanks again and hope to listen a few more of golden period parodies. Of course I knew him well. He was a bore I always tried to avoid. Shalan La. Venkataramanji, Shall we call it self-referential medley parody songs?

KS Bhatiaji, Yes, double self-referential song. Venkatraman ji; Very rare…a great find…. Dozens of songs including Tumi ho Mata,Pita Tumi ho.. WARIS, Chahe mujhe koi bhoot kahe Chahe koi Yamdoot kahe.. Hasrat Jaipuri, Ganesh. Nadi ka kinara mendak kare shor Jiyara re kampe aise Jaise thane mein ho chor… Tun Tun is entertaining, Junior Mehmood is mind blowing in a double role. Mere Sapnon ki Rani Re man sur mein gaa Jag hai geeton ki Rajdhani Sur hai Raja, Lay The composition It has been orbiting our planet in a regular cycle and causing tides in our ocean, helping to form mangroves and stabilizing the eco system in estuaries.

Film makers in Mumbai and Chennai, the first two centres of film studios, had also fallen under its influence and used it as scene creator ab initio , and music directors had risen to the occasion and composed immortal musical pieces for the heroes and heroines to cavort about in joyful abandon. Well, not always. There are also instances of heroines looking at the full moon and pining for their elusive dear ones like Nutan does in Paying Guest through the song — Chand phir nikla. I am a bit late in acknowledging the creators of the technology which enables us easy access to interesting material and also its sharing with one and all.

Let me repair the omission. One cannot adequately appreciate in written language the advantages conferred by the creators of internet, the World Wide Web, which has shrunk the world into a shell of knowledge easily accessible to all. We are forever indebted to the creator of YouTube for gaining access to snippets from our old films portraying the scene and the songs. This has opened up the frontiers of knowledge about film songs very wide.

I have been an avid follower of film music for 60 years and have not looked beyond the 60s. Hailing from south India, I still cannot grasp the meaning of the lyrics in full. The music alone has satisfied my soul. I venture to put forth my idea about the moonlit scenes and the songs that poured forth in my rudimentary English.

I entreat the patrons of this blog to bear with me and ignore the peccadilloes that may surface in my write up. I am indebted to the founder of this blog AK for encouraging me in my current endeavour. Getting down to brass tacks, I trawled through YouTube with my old collection as base and have identified around 50 songs under this category.

Many more obscure songs on this theme have to be fished out from the YT, which I conveniently leave out to the senior members of this community who are far more knowledgeable than me. I have kept in mind the golden rule of the blog as far as possible. Spreading the web wide, I have tried to bring out pieces composed by less known music directors so as to stimulate interest in their works and publicise their creations.

I am following a chronological order of presentation as far as practical. I begin with this music opera presented by the school children, contrary to what I stated above. Moon himself descending to the stadium and interacting with the children is a great directorial piece and Manna Dey in his inimitable voice has livened up the entire song sequence.

S D Burman has woven his magic. Another song Chanda re chanda r e in the same film by Asha Bhonsle could double as a lullaby. I now present this great piece from Chakori. I searched far and wide and yet could not come across the film or any live video of any of the songs from this film. In fact I am unable to gain access to any other song from this film. The bird Chakori is very near death because its favourite heavenly body — The Moon — proceeding elsewhere disappears altogether, probably behind the earth.

The poor bird does not know it is only a temporary phenomenon and he or she will have a glimpse of it again. The song is full of pathos and the lyrics of the song seem to confirm the mood. Another of Lata Mangeshkar delights by this MD. Sweet composition from Hafeez Khan, another of the lesser known music directors who straddled the scene in those golden years. Talat and Lata combine as a duo and croon their way. Once again regret no live video is available. Another delightful duet by the same pair is — Tumse ho gaya pyar from the same movie.

Suraiya outpours her inner feelings through this musical piece created by that Great Master — Madan Mohan. Live video is not available. This was chosen over the other piece, Ae chaand ab tu ja, sung by Suraiya as the better of the two in my estimation. Indra, msic E. Shankar Sastry. A Gemini production, it has two music directors — the above named and BS Kalla.

Madhubala watched by an entranced Ratan Kumar is plucking the veena strings and Lata Mangeshkar does the rest. E Shankar Sastry is a well known veena vidwan. Delight to the ears is this piece based on classical raga. To me it looks like Raga Bhimpalasi.

Very sweet to hear. Indra, music BS Kalla. What a sweet tune at par with the established music directors of the period that has been created by BS Kalla. Lata-Talat pair have lived up to the expectations, adding zest to the scene. AK may like to apply his mind to bring the MD alive in his blog. A delicious piece dished out by Ravi. It could double as a lullaby. Asha Bhonsle has created a mother and child picture with her lisping voice and right intonation.

Geeta Bali is fondling the munna and ultimately putting him to sleep with the full moon shining in the background as viewed from the balcony. Original story is of Bengal origin. The Tamil movie Missiyamma of was a roaring success. A rare instance of a south Indian actor acting as a hero in a Hindi movie in those days. Hemant Kumar has proved exceptional and has scored a great musical hit. In this song both are appealing to the moon to judge the other and towards end of the song Meena Kumari is dragged as a magnet capturing iron pieces to the hero.

Very difficult to describe the song scene in adequate words. Nutan is smiling in an impish manner and taunts the hapless hero Raj Kapoor, a simpleton, and outsmarts him in his crude effort to express his love by meekly offering a flower.

The beat is in absolute harmony with the song and is fast paced. Technically a duet, but Mukesh contributes only one line admitting the hero is a Anari. A film with star cast of minor actors — Chitra, Daljeet, Minoo Mumtaz. This appears to be a period film. A typical chorus depicting a dancing damsel surrounded by a bevy of extras going through the act.

It would have been mistaken for a dream sequence but for the gawking males. You see a rotating plant and the director has picturized an elliptical moon in place of circular full moon as we see in the sky. A few philosophical songs by none other than Manna Dey — Ma teri mamta kitni pyari, Maya moh ke mahal sunahre and Krodh na karna re sansari are pleasing to the ears. Nanda and Bharat Bhushan are singing their heart out in the presence of the moon which is playing hide and seek in the sky laden with clouds.

A typical piece of music from Chitragupta whose distinct style is plainly discernable. All songs presented above were sung by a female artist or as a duet in conjunction with a male singer. Here is a classic from Mohammad Rafi. Very well written piece and equally well composed by Ravi. Mohammad Rafi never fails. Any lady would love to be described in the manner done so in this song. I chose this over the other from Dulari , as a perfect ode to the beauty of a woman.

So far I have faithfully adhered to the basic policy followed in this blog. Now with humble supplication, I would like to present just two more pieces. Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut to leave his imprint on the moon surface sometime in I am sure we all would love to make a journey to the moon in a rocket. Our Bollywood producers had preempted NASA and successfully sent two of their heroes in a rocket to the moon a decade earlier as you will see from the scene depicted by this song of the movie.

They obviously land there and find a flourishing civilization and the usual Bollywood masala follows. I have two more songs of the film. A solo by Rafi is so funny, it can be best appreciated as a video. Its link is also included for enjoyment. We have now been to the moon. As you all know mankind is looking towards the stars. Earth is doomed to be swallowed by a bulging sun in another three billion years and humans have to flee the earth long before, i.

The search for a solar system similar to ours and colonization of an earthlike planet revolving around a young sun within our own galaxy would become vital and I am sure future technology will cope with it provided the light velocity barrier as predicted by Einstein and confirmed by current observation is broken.

Day by day new exo-planets are being discovered in our neighbourhood but none in the habitable zones around the stars. Interested viewers can access site for exo-planets here. Here is another duet sung while travelling in a train. It is early morning time and the couple are singing to the stars with fond hope of a future together. A Shantaram movie with a bold theme of childhood widow rehabilitation.

In the end society prevails and the heroine commits hara kiri. Let us enjoy the song. I have left out another thirty songs, and many of them may appear more meritorious. There is enough material with me to post a second part though it would suffer from the defect of being repetitive.

My attempt has been to post rare songs covering as many music directors and singers as possible. Tagged as: Moon songs. Your prose is as mellifluous as the songs you have chosen. It is deceptively easy and many a seasoned amateur singer must have stumbled across a note here and there. The Rajinder Kishen — Chitalkar duo who have given us many a memorable Lata solo, have indeed created a duet that is timeless in its appeal.

Rangan ji; Beautiful tecnotropic topic. You have really used high revolution telescope and a very efficient radar. I must confess that some of the songs I shall be hearing for the first time as I proceed with time to listen to them. However , I must say …. I am missing my fav. Dam bhar jo udhar muhn phere o chanda…. Unfortunately the current music trends are unlikely to resurrect it anytime soon. There are numerous other songs on the theme, including some very popular ones. The author has promised to come up with another installment, and I for one would wait for that with bated breath.

My own most favorite Chand song is, improbably — improbably for most Chand songs are in female voices whereas this is a Rafi number, from Kala Bazaar, Khoya khoya chand. D P Rangan ji; Chand is a fav. In good or in bad times a lover fav. There are too many.

Incidently, I am in Mumbai these days and tomorrow is going to be a full moon day. I wish could hug this moon only reminding me of a song from movie-Sapan Suhane. Raj Iyerji Thank you very much for appreciating this simple post of mine. It was all due to the encouragement of AK, I hit upon this topic and penned the article. AK has done a masterly editing and made it more interesting to read. I do have a huge list but had to confine myself to a handful as usually done in these blogs.

I will have an opportunity of listening to more songs I missed thanks to patrons like you. Very grateful to you for the nice way you have written about my humble effort. Would love to hear all the songs you would be suggesting. You are something of a marvel to me. Very much appreciate the way you have written about my post.

As I wrote in the post, a second part may be merely repetitive. Already I see a few of the songs from my list finding a place. With Bhatiaji in full sway, I am sure nothing will be left unrevealed. Thank you very much for including the great AK. He has a most sobering influence on all.

He had put finishing touch on my crude English in several places and made it smooth and mellifluous. I wanted to ensure that in every one of the song I included, moon should be part of the scene and hanging in the sky. There could be songs where the word — chaand or chanda — may be part of the lyrics, but the scene of the song may not contain any moon at all. I have neglected such songs in my presentation because of the plenitude of the songs with moon as part of the scene.

Thanks for the link. I never looked for such ready compilations. I strongly believe in making elaborate search and build up a song list and I particularly look for obscure songs and those from music directors not in front rank. The effort involved in building the list is itself a reward while writing a post. Jain a 21st century look at the moon from a s perspective.

It too will become a song of yore for succeeding generations. Of course here, the lost moon is metaphorical. Both are really good compositions musically though I prefer the singing in the first one. Udit Narayan seems to have issues in the second. There is also some wooden dancing. Chand — the Moon — is certainly a fascinating subject — be it for a scientific discourse or literary or poetic one. I see the moon several moons! I would like to add Chand madham hai aasman chup hai , but the song, though composed for Railway Platform is not included in the movie.

Perhaps Mr Deshmukh can clarify? I find that Dinesh has included me in his thanks, and DP Rangan has very generously praised me for my role as editor. Anu, who is a professional editor among other things, has already put a question mark. I have to sheepishly admit to my share of the responsibility :. Anu, please take it that probably Mr Ragan means Mumbai in the sense of Bollywood. The songs you have added are very good. SSW, You always add something which is unique.

I liked the remix version of Khoya khoya chaand. When it comes to chaand there are several immortal songs such as Chade chanda , Dhire dhire chal chaand gagan mein, Woh chand chamka from Sindbad the sailor and Ai chand zara chhup jaa Latt Sahab and Chanda jaa re Manmauji ,Chaand jane kahan kho gaya Mai Chup Rahoongi and so on.

I think it is a herculean task to select from these since all are excellent and nothing can be rejectable! A lovely post. Thank you AK. One of my favourite Chaand songs happens to be composed by Ram Ganguly I think maligned by some as a plagiarist of his own assistants but this song as others in Aag are very distinct from the later Shankar Jaikishan songs for RK studios.

The orchestration is quite interesting, the veena is used here to good effect and each interlude is different. The lyrics are subtly erotic too. The said song…Chand madham hai, was very much in the movie. Perhaps it may be present in the You Tube version available here. The song that follows is my all time fav. My childhood fantasy for Chandamama evaporated in July when Neil Armsrong set his foot on Lunar Surface during successful Apollo 11 mission. Yet I do enjoy all so many songs connected with our closest space neighbor.

One of my favorites is: Jab Chand Mera Nikla…. If Madhuamti , in her madness, addresses her beloved a Chand, He calls her Chandramukhi, as her face is like moon. This is an ancient Gujarati poem set to the tune in the present times. Here she complaints that she will never speak with him if he teases me by calling me Shashi- Vadani. The moon has spots on his face and its glow keeps depleting…how dare he compare me with such an object….

Anuji AK has clarified about title. I thought Moon and Mumbai would rhyme well. Obviously due to limitation on the number of songs that can be presented by the writer, some choice has to be made and personal preferences cannot be avoided. To cover all music directors would mean lot of songs to be presented.

Commentators have full liberty to add more songs to the blog. Bhatiaji I am amazed at your industriousness in presenting songs of just one music director on chand. I do not know how I missed the song from Awara. I would certainly have added it. KB Thanks for your appreciation and understanding the plight of the writer while choosing songs for presentation. My aim is to search for less known music directors and obscure songs on a theme. Ranganji, I am glad to find that you have become a regular writer on this blog.

Salutes to your steadfast spirit and evergreen enthusiasm. Your writing-style and content has been a great source of enjoyment. I am over the moon after reading your present post. The first song was one of the lesser known songs of S D Burman. Some of my pick of the lot were Chanda chamke neel gagan mein, Haye Chanda Gaye Pardes , Wo chaand khila wo taare hanse among others. All eminently listenable songs. Another song that that I could recollect..

There are several beautiful songs on this theme and Bhatiaji and others have posted many and many more will come up in the following days. The stormy weather here in Kolkata since yesterday has no doubt brought down the temperature to comfortable limits, but the full moon has taken refuge behind the dark clouds.

Thanks a lot Ranganji for this wonderful gesture. I hope this song is not posted by anyone so far. Surprised how this has escaped from so many searching eyes…my gain anyway. Your generous appreciation of my writing is immensely appreciated. It is so kind of you. I listened to all the songs you posted. I have heard them all over radio.

Would have included — chanda ke desh me as part of my writing. This song looks very similar to — chalari sajani ab kya — sung by Mukesh himself in Bombay ka Bapu. I am very well aware of this song. I wanted to hunt for obscure songs and post them. If I had gone only after well known songs, I could have completed the post with far less effort. Such will never be my intention.

We have to bring to light rarely heard songs for the benefit of all. Famous songs will play themselves. Hope you will not mistake me in my frank avowal. D P Rangan ji, I fully understand your stand. However not all songs posted by you or others are less known. Or from Chaudhavi ka chand or Miss Mary etc. Shart song is my favourite like millions others.

I will try to search and post some obscure songs now. AK, thanks for the clarification. I came back here to put Dekh chand ki ore but realised that SSW had already put it in. Hats off to your posting such rare songs at a moments notice. I do agree I posted some well known songs in my write up. You will agree with me even among that category they were exceptional and live video was also available.

Without live video many songs are reduced to the level of audio mp3. With the poor state of preservation of earlier period movies, it is inevitable. One of my aim is to download old time movies from you tube and then post all the songs from it as live video.

With internet speeds of India, it will only be a dream. One has to visit bazaars to get such movies. I have seen a busy market in Masjid India in Kuala Lampur dispensing old movies, but alas in those days I was not serious about it. Lahore and Karachi could be a good source too.

This last song was earlier not included in the movie at the time of its release. Later on with the popularity and quality of the song it was included in the film as dream sequence. The composition itself is melodious. I will follow with some of the songs by Naushad sahib. Simultaneously i shall be looking for some rare vintage songs as well.

A wonderful song with Chand both in its lyrics and visual. In your next song, Nain ka chain chura kar le gai, we find the use of chandrama and chandani. Here is a beautiful song composed by Dilip Dholakia. I have neglected such songs in my presentation.

You have included four songs where you could not find the video clippings of the songs. The visuals of those songs might have contained moon. In the comment section I find that my knowledgeable participants have branched out to songs containing the word without the presence of moon in the visuals and I am sure there will be large number of such songs with the word Chanda, Chaand, Chandni, Chandra etc.

Bhatiaji is in full swing and will be covering a major portion of such songs very soon. Here are two highly listenable songs which have both the moon in its visuals and the word chanda and chandrama as part of the lyrics. Chaand sa mukhda kyun sharmaaya — Rafi Chaand mera dil chaandni ho tum — Rafi Aye chaand zara chhup jaa — Rafi Chanda o Chanda — Kishore Ruk jaa raat thhahar jaa re chanda — Lata Chanda hai tu, mera suraj hai tu — Lata.

But I guess debonair Dev running through the fields on a similar evening and Khoya khoya chaand must stand shoulder to shoulder with it. You may be an old hand. I am seeing you for the first time and welcome you to SoY on behalf of AK. I will try to get the you tube link of the songs you have mentioned and listen to them. Except song no. You have caught me nicely. I know I made a tongue in cheek statement. It was my ideal when writing this post. Those 4 non live video may or may not contain moon scene.

I have no means to verify them as I am sure those movies are gone for ever. Of the two songs you mentioned I heard the duet for the first time. The other in Chayanat is well known and I just omitted it. I will try to be vigilant hereafter. Chitragupt was the master of chand songs. Sri N V has mentioned about Ziddi The newer Ziddi had the famous Raat ka samaa Jhoome chandrama by Lata.

We also had KAs Chand aahe bharega and so on. In the famous Aao huzoor tumko of Kismat also the starting line is Hum hai chhand aur tare. The list gone endless and the topic is the most favorite in recent times. D P Rangan, Thanks for giving us such interesting post, Venkataramanji has appreciated it so nicely all I can do is agree with him.

Good Anu asked for a clarification. I was confused about Mumbai connection too. I am puzzled because you also seem to like the remix version of Khoya khoya chaand. Chand Chanda or Chandrama has been used in hundreds of songs since early Film songs and has been mainly penned either for beauty appreciation or separation songs. Here are two from the vintage era, my favorites. But like this remix of Khoya K hoya Chand? It had this immortal Lata song, Haaye chanda gaye pardes chakori yahan ro-ro mare.

Hansraj Behl himself told Shri Biswanath Chatterjee that during the final recording the recordist broke down and started crying like a child… so emotional he went at this composition! Rajinder Kishan wrote this song too as he did the earlier O Chand Jaha Woh Jaaye, and a luminous Sadhana lit up the screen exhorting her ally to come back with her beloved.

Thanks for acknowledging my message. As somehow that expression denotes an experienced person with some expertise on a subject. I have no expertise at all. Just a deep appreciation and love of the golden voices of Hindi playback music of yesteryears and of all those responsible for creating it. The music directors, musicians, lyricists and the actors who brought those songs to life.

But most of all of course the singers. And this is just the reason why I come here sometimes but am not able to stay long. Well, time to go — but before that just want to say thanks for writing on such an interesting topic. Thanks for your appreciation. I could not imagine this post is on such a popular topic and it was my luck to write the first one on this theme. Arvinderji Very much appreciate your words about the post.

It is a great encouragement for me. Have heard both the songs you posted earlier. Bhatiaji Please read the article and try to locate the songs mentioned on you tube and let me know. I know you can do it with ease. Take your time. After collection let me know. I will send you my e mail id and you can send the link to me. This service would place me in your debt forever. Nasreenji Fully appreciate your stand in so far as this blog is concerned.

I am more or less like you. Being much older and time hanging on me, have adopted this site fully and am trying my hand at some writing average posts which AK, the good soul he is, has kindly accepted for publication. I appreciate him all the more when one realises he can keep on writing blog after blog for months with the material at his disposal and his tendency to write facile and fast. Yet he has accommodated me. Listened to both the songs, despite MTNL poor internet connectivity with frequent outages.

Complaints are listened to but rarely leads to a solution. Passing the buck is the standard dodge with them. If I had access to such old songs of s would have included them. Still I am happy they are surfacing now and would be useful for a future survey by others. Located many of the songs of Hansraj Behl and will try for more. Sorry to have bothered you.

Please forget my plea and attend to your own priorities. So what is stopping us from posting the song? Mumbaikarji, Welcome back. Thanks for mentioning my name and for posting the Pakeezah song. Arvinderji, Thanks for posting the songs from the vintage era.

Loved the songs especially the song Panchhi bawra chand se preet lagaye,I believe in Raag Kedar. Here is another song rendered by Noorjehan from a Pakistani film. See how it has moved people to write and come up with all the Chaand songs they can think of. In fact, I thought of one again, by Shamshad Begum:. Sir, you may be a bit older, not VERY much older though. Anyone who knows and appreciates the songs we are talking about has to have reached a considerable age. Like me. However, as long as we appreciate music, I think we remain essentially young.

But yes, time is my one big enemy as I would have loved to, if not write myself, at least read what everyone says. However, one makes the time for special things. As in the beautiful song :. Venkataramanji, I should thank SSW one more time because of his upload I got idea about your bizarre taste too. Venkataraman Ji Thanks for your kind words Of the songs you have posted , Chandaniya nadiya beech nahaye is a great favorite So is Chanda dhale. Ashok Vaishnav Ji Have sakhi has become a great favorite song of mine and I make it a point to play the song with my Gujarati friends.

Still remember very fondly the discussion we had. KS Bhatia Ji You are doing a great job with posting amazing collections of songs after songs Hats off to your spirit and great knowledge Will be back with More. Chand ik choodi ki tarah toota hua prelude Koi nahi mera is duniya me from Daag composed by SJ. To say that the video is underwhelming would not be overstating the case — Baldev Khosa and Padmini Kapila emote as well as mannequins would.

Another favourite where chand comes around Thanks for the encouragements and appreciations. We all have common tastes as far as golden and vintage songs are concerned. The topic chosen I think is having maximum number of songs ; and why not as Chand conveys many moods….. Arvinder sharma ji has brought a good number of vintage songs to the forefront and mentioning of Hansraj Behl has shaken my soul by his very beautiful composition …….

Haye jiyaa roye…. Mr Rangan has done well and he has uplifted the subject taking it the sky high and space and even found the only Sci-Fi film and songs as well. He has gone boldly where no post writer has gone before! For me any subject gives an opportunity to look back at the songs, singers, lyrics and lyricists composers, actors, scenes and much more.

I guess Rajinder Krishan would be the lyricist with most of popular Chand songs 1 O raat ke musafir chanda zara bata de 2 O chaand jahan woh jaaye 3 Chaand jaane kahan kho gaya 4 Ek raat mein do do chaand khile 5 Ae Chaand kal jo aana unko bhi saath lana 6 Meri samne wali khidki mein ek chaand ka tukda 7 Ae Chaand pyar mera tujhse keh raha hai 8 Tum chaand ke saath chale aao 9 Aa gupchup pyar kare 10 Chaand jaane kahan kho gaya 11 Tum ho Hasin kahan ke hum chaand aasmaan ke 12 Badli se nikala hai chaand 13 Phir wahi chaand, wahi hum 14 Chanda loriya sunaye hawa jhulna jhulaye 15 Chanda ja chanda ja re ja, kahe aaya tu akela.

AK ji, You are adding more jewels to this blog by asking people like Ms. Shalan All Mr. Rangan to contribute. Rangan which often occur in HFM. With their knowledge and research they have come up with gems. The knowledgeable followers of this blog have embellished them further. It all adds up to the immense pleasure to the silent followers like me.

A big thanks to all of you. Now may I suggest another subject with great potential: Flowers! One of the erudite persons here with flair for writing may be asked to track this subject. Giriji, We are lucky to have people like Shalan Lal and DP Rangan, not to forget several other guest writers who have contributed scholarly articles on SoY.

They do it selflessly and without any nudging from me. Thanks to them and also to the readers for their active participation. I can bet there would be an article from him on this theme before long. Rajneesh Chawla, Welcome to SoY. That is a superb compilation and interesting observation. The name of Ms. Shalan Lal has been misspelt 64 thanks to Google predictive text. My apologies. The subjects small or minor big or alluring all are good.

That gives us opportunity to look at the various aspect of the film and more so of the musical side of the visual art. That won Suchitra Sen Film Fare Best heroine Actress and Vaijaynthi Mala Best supporting actress which she refused to take it reasoning that her role was also on the par of the heroine Paro.

It is believed by the scholars of Sharat Literature that Sharat Chnadra lived with or married a pretty Chandra prostitute. Before the Devdaas Chandramukhi it seems that the word is very absent in Indian literature. Chandra is mostly used as a simile or full simile that is a metaphor for a pretty woman. There is more with this reference. Kavi Kalidas in the 4th and 5th century, in his two works, kumarsambhavam and Meghdootam has used this word several times. Sharatchandra Chatterjee was born on and died on The word Chandramukhi was in use in Telugu old literature too in the s.

There may be hundreds of references available, if one searches. This is only for information. Arunji, Perhaps you meant to address it to Shalan Lal. I am entirely with you. Thanks for all the information.

It is quite natural that there would be several more references in classical Sanskrit literature and Ritikaleen Hindi poetry. Perhaps Shalan Lal meant to say something else. However I would like to say I think this metaphore and its use of naming a person to me is very unusal however a person has limitless beauty. I mean there is difference between a proper name and an adjective.

In my above remark I wanted to praise Mr A Vaishnave for bringing in to notice what happend in the film Madhumati. We had the Devdas of Saigal for twent years before and there was not much ref to Chandramukh coming in the public domain. It is a curious matter. I have got a feeling that Sharat himself had made this word and he had little reference to the works mentioned by Mr Deshmukh. But I can be wrong. I have been wrong many times before. I have no shame in this confession. Though I cannot find any proof that Sarat knew about her, it seems to be a possibility.

Many thanks for your appreciation of the blog. Flowers is a good idea. I can write a nice thesis on the introductory part. It is the poverty of songs which will hold me. Always await your scholarly comments. You have made me blush, though I doubt whether it would be evident considering my face is as pockmarked as the moon and my complexion, with your comments. I fully agree with you on my mistake about rhyme. In our school days we used to have regular grammar classes and a paper on grammar alone.

You would make a wonderful teacher. Thanks for your brilliant information. Meaning she was going to have a very bad living. However somehow both Devdaas films had given importance to Devdaas. Thanks for your comment. Oh I shall never be a teacher with so many mistakes I am making now. My students will runaway from my class as fast as possible. So you are making another trip to the U. Well you will have ample good time as Trump will be there every morning on the TV.

The song …. Tum chand ke saath chale aao………stands out among the best. Thanks Ms Shalan Lal for reminding the superb vintage song ….. Yeh chand nahin teri Aarti hai……. D P Rangan ji ; Bon Voyage and happy landing.

I suppose you will be there with your family for quite some time. I think this is the best time of the year in U S A for senior citizen to visit their family when the atmosphere and temperatures are aged friendly. Which part of States are you landing? A pure fun to watch and listen to……. Besides , Chanda ki nagri , there is one more Sc. Trip to moon ; alias…Chand per chhadai. Some of the songs are filmed on the moon. Browsing thru the songs and movie makes you wonder about the presence of human , clothes , air , vegetation , art and architecture similar to our own world.

Moreover ; there is a reference of human living on Mars planning to attack Moon and how our hero, Dara Singh prevents la James Bond style [ Now this reminds me of actual James Bond movie …. Moonraker of ]. A song from Trip to moon : Door na ja Jaane wafa….. After a bad journey by Emirates we landed in Dallas, Texas and my son picked us from airport. Big city absolutely empty in the roads. What a contrast with India. From roasting to shivering is what I am experiencing in the house, fully air conditioned.

Still I would prefer India. By now I have come to the conclusion anything is possible for you. Another science fiction on Moon. Could never imagine. Song is not bad either. The plot must be the usual Bollywood formula. I am now in Dallas. You must have come here many times. I never eat out here and prefer home food of the simplest type. My son goes out regularly to eat out taking his mother.

I refuse to come and am happy with mere rice, curd and a pickle at home. I now weigh around 50 kgs only and hope to maintain it for the brief period left for me. I love your dissertations on any subject. Please continue to be active. What a treasure trove you are unearthing.

Listened to all the songs here in Dallas and enjoyed them all. More installments are welcome. How nice to hear from you from Dallas, Texas. Yes I was there for few weeks long back with my tall Texan boy friend. But then if youare only 50kgs that is very good. Thos tall and fat Texan may be wondering at you with envy. Have very good time in U. Thanksfor reminding those two songs. Both are loved by me. There are many Moony songs in the early Hollywood.

But it will be difficult now to make convincingly a moon song like those now as America is in full swing for the space programme. Thanks again for your contribution. Chaand maddham hai.. Very happy to see your comments. I see you after some absence. Thanks for the appreciation. All the songs you mentioned are good and I have heard them in radio days. I know you can unearth more rare songs too.

While my son is worried about my run down condition as he describes the thin me, your appreciation is very much taken to heart. I will have some good time with 6 month old grandson and afterwards I travel to Cincinatti to see my elder son and his two children. I will be an active participant of SoY. Industrious AK has pushed one more post within a week. You can get over the jetlag,enjoy the summer in Dallas, and relax.

We will eagerly wait for your post. You have put the proposition. I will try to work out on it during the next few days. I will write a semi technical introduction as I have been doing for earlier posts. I believe in a little education for followers of the blog on any subject I write. I will have to hunt for songs. Ae chaand unse kehna afsaane ban gaye hai Hum apne dil ke haathon diwaane ban gaye hai.

Pyar ki nishaaniyan guzri hui kahaaniya kabse rula rahi hame tumhari meherbaaniyan. D P Rangan ji ; Good to know that you are enjoying the company of your children and grand children ; as also keeping in touch with S o Y family as well. You both have really embellished the excellant post by Ranganji. And since both of you, me and mumbaikar8 have many common likings, I very rarely feel a need to post songs after you all have posted.

In respect of chand songs there is a lot of variety. Some of the categories which can be made are, praise of beloved through the medium of chand, description of surroundings in a romantic scene, talking to the moon, comparing the moon with someone you love be it a lover a child or some other.

Even after these categories there are a lot of songs left which can be put in miscellaneous category. I feel despite the no. I would like to list them. First, there are two songs picturised on Joy Mukherjee and Saira 1.

In urdu chand is called mahtab. I dont find any songs which used mahtab or mahjabeen. Here are some 4. Maine poochha chand se — Abdullah 9. Itni haseen itni jawan raat kya karen — Aaj Aur Kal the word chandani is used in the 1st antara Chandni raat men yun dil ko jala ke — Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati Chand jaisa badan phool sa parahan — Rustam-e-Baghdad There are some very famous male songs which have not been posted or listed.

I am giving only a list. Ye raat ye chandani phir kahan — Hemant — Jaal 2. Chup hai dharti chup hain chand sitare — Hemant — House No. Ye hawa ye raat ye chandani — Talat — Sangdil 4. Gore gore chand se mukh par — Mukesh — Anita. Does anyone know how this came about so? DP Rangan Ji Nice to know that you have reached your destination and are enjoying your time with the family. Eagerly awaiting your next post which you mentioned in our telephonic talk. I wrote the blog and AK was kind enough to accept and publish it.

I have merely introduced the subject and it is for the experts monitoring this blog to come out with further embellishments by way of interesting anecdotes and songs on the theme. I am overwhelmed at the response and am very thankful to all of you for adding a plethora of songs which was way beyond my capacity. He was born in and started his acting career in Bombay in the 40s with small roles. He was Hero in film Farz Then he migrated to Pakistan and acted in several hit films.

He died in Like many other Muslim actors in pre-partition era he had taken a Hindu name. There were few more such actors in Pakistan with Hindu names. Also actresses.


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June 4, at am. June 8, at pm. Sir mere naam ki tone hai jis mera nam bolta hau wo tone mere favorite songs mix karna chahta hu ye keise mix hota hai please btayega Reply. June 15, at pm. June 16, at am. June 20, at am. June 22, at am. June 23, at pm. June 27, at am. June 28, at pm. July 17, at pm. Bhai VirtualDJ net pe chalta hai kya or yha phone nhi chalta hai kya plzzzz bta do Reply. July 24, at pm. August 3, at pm. August 5, at pm. August 8, at am. August 10, at pm. Sony a manual Par dyaheci9 dyaheci9 le mardi, mai 9 , Download Sony a manual This is a required Field.

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Your files not have the correct video and audio codec. Im thinking maybe it doesnt have the right codec. Im gonna bring the files into premiere and export with the right codec settings. Ill let you know what happens I actually just put the movie in a folder named "movies" on the drive instead of having it just on the drive and it worked.

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Sameer , Anwar Sagar. Solo, Udit Narayan , Alka Yagnik. Hum Aapke Hain Koun. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Alka Yagnik , Poornima , Sadhana Sargam. Gulshan Bawra ,Rani Malik. Alka Yagnik , Sapna Mukherjee. Anjaan , Naqsh Lyallpuri. Alka Yagnik , Alisha Chinoy ,Solo. Poornima , Alka Yagnik. Diya Aur Toofan. Dushmani: A Violent Love Story. Solo, Alka Yagnik , Poornima. Kavita Krishnamurthy , Solo. Sarhad: The Border of Crime. Sadhana Sargam , Arun Bakshi.

Ravan Raaj: A True Story. Kavita Krishnamurthy , Poornima. Kavita Krishnamurthy , Arpita. Hum Sab Chor Hain. Nawab Arzoo. Udit Narayan , Sadhana Sargam , Poornima. Alka Yagnik , Sadhna Sargam. Roop Kumar Rathod , Alka Yagnik. Anu Malik , Aadesh Shrivastava.

Udit Narayan , Alka Yagnik. Bela Sulakhe, Poornima. Solo, Asha Bhosle , Sadhana Sargam. Tere Mere Sapne. Alka Yagnik , Ila Arun. Poornima , Kavita Krishnamurthy. Deepak Chowdhry. Dil Tera Diwana. Solo, Alka Yagnik , Aditya Narayan. Alka Yagnik , Poornima Shrestha.

Balasubrahmanyam , Udit Narayan. Sameer , Arif Khan. Bambai Ka Babu. M Kreem. Zameer: The Awakening of a Soul. Solo, Alka Yagnik , Anuradha Paudwal. Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha. Dharma Karma. Kavita Krishnamurty ,Solo. Makhdoom Mohiuddin ,Rahat Indori, Indeevar. Alka Yagnik , Sadhana Sargam , Solo. Maya Govind.

Kavita Krishnamurthy , Abhijeet. Alka Yagnik , Suresh Wadkar. Alka Yagnik , Kavita Krishnamurthy , Solo. Javed Akhtar , Rahat Indori. Lahu Ke Do Rang. Salma Pe Dil Aa Gaya. Lata Mangeshkar , Alka Yagnik. Gupt: The Hidden Truth. Jaspinder Narula , K. Kavita Krishnamurthy , Alka Yagnik. Udit Narayan , Anuradha Paudwal. Kavita Krishnamurthy , Sudesh Bhosle. Sanjeevani , Zubeen Garg. Udit Narayan , Sadhana Saram , Poornima.

Indeevar , Maya Govind. Keemat — They Are Back. Sham Ghansham. Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge! Deewana Hoon Pagal Nahi. Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai. Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya. Sudhakar Sharma, Sameer. Anand Raj Anand , Himesh Reshammiya. Alka Yagnik , Hema Sardesai. Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan.

Udit Narayan , Poornima. Sapna Mukherjee , Alka Yagnik. Alisha Chinoy , Poornima. Vakil Baboo. Hote Hote Pyar Ho Gaya. Alka Yagnik , Lata Mangeshkar. Kavita Krishnamurthy , Anuradha Paudwal. Alka Yagnik , Udit Narayan. Solo, Alka Yagnik , Kavita Krishnamurthy. Poornima , Alka Yagnik , Kavita Krishnamurthy.

Sadhana Sargam , Poornima ,Arpita Raj. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Hum Saath Saath Hain. Solo, Anuradha Paudwal , K. Kaali Topi Laal Rumaal. Karobaar: The Business of Love. Alka Yagnik , Asha Bhosle ,Solo. Hum To Mohabbat Karega. Alka Yagnik , Sonu Nigam. Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye. Sanam Teri Kasam. Pankaj Udhas , Alka Yagnik. Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai. Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya. Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi. Chhupa Rustam: A Musical Thriller. Jaspinder Narula , Alka Yagnik.

Jaspinder Narula , Sadhana Sargam. Hadh: Life on the Edge of Death. Anand Bakshi , Indeevar. Asha Bhosle , Jaspinder Narula. Aamdani Atthanni Kharcha Rupaiya. Ek Rishtaa: The Bond of Love. Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat. Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke. Sonu Nigam , Alka Yagnik. Alka Yagnik , Shaan. Mohabbat Ho Gayi Hai Tumse. Karz: The Burden of Truth. Kehtaa Hai Dil Baar Baar. Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam.

Anuradha Paudwal , Alka Yagnik. Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya. Solo, Alka Yagnik , Sonu Nigam. Tum Se Achcha Kaun Hai. Vinod Rathod , Udit Narayan. Tumse Milke Wrong Number. Khel — No Ordinary Game. Garv: Pride and Honour. Anu Malik , Sajid-Wajid.

Talaash: The Hunt Begins Qayamat: City Under Threat. Solo, Alka Yagnik, Mahalakshmi Iyer. Nadeem-Shravan , Himesh Reshammiya. Tum — A Dangerous Obsession. Sadhana Sargam , Asha Bhosle ,Solo. Ek Se Badhkar Ek. Meri Biwi Ka Jawaab Nahin.

Taarzan: The Wonder Car. Shreya Ghoshal , Sunidhi Chauhan. Anand Raj Anand , Vishal Shekhar. Pehchaan: The Face of Truth. Zameer: The Fire Within. Alka Yagnik , Sapna Awasthi. Jatin-Lalit , Nikhil-Vinay. Chand Ke Paar Chalo. Mere Jeevan Saathi. Suresh Wadkar , Ravindra Jain. Alka Yagnik , Shreya Goshal. Alka Yagnik , Kumar Sanu.

Tathagatha Buddha. Bin Phere Free Me Ttere. Pamela Jain. Neha Kakkar , Mika Singh. Khushboo Jain. Solo, Kavita Krishnamurthy , Sadhana Sargam. Kavita Krishnamurthy ,Gosh. Kavita Krishnamurthy , Solo, Mitali Chaudhary. Sadhana Sargam , Sunidhi Chauhan. According to Ghoshal, apart from being a singer, she loves to travel and read books but it's cooking that has a healing effect on her. Her first ever recorded song was "Ganraj Rangi Nachato" which is a cover version of a Marathi song originally sung by Lata Mangeshkar.

Ghoshal caught the attention of director Sanjay Leela Bhansali when she participated in the 75th children's special episode of Sa Re Ga Ma. Bhansali's mother was watching the show and during Ghoshal's performance, she called him to watch her performance, after which he decided to give her a chance in his next film. In , Bhansali and music director Ismail Darbar offered her the opportunity to be the voice of Paro, the lead female character of Devdas , who was portrayed by Aishwarya Rai.

Her Higher Secondary Examinations were nearing that time and she would take her books and notebooks to the studio to study during downtime. I remember I was asked to rehearse the song once before finally recording it. I simply closed my eyes and sang without a break. When I opened my eyes, I noticed a lot of excitement and chaos outside the recording room.

Then Sanjayji told me I had sung the song so well that they had recorded it at one go. She was an immediate success and was called by various regional film industries for recording songs in her voice. After rendering traditional semi-classical songs for her previous ventures, Ghoshal performed two seductive numbers for M. Kreem 's Jism , which prevented her from being stereotyped. Calling her singing "effortless" in the song, The Hindu mentioned that she was "able to impart the required emotions" for the song.

In , Ghoshal contributed to the soundtrack album of Thoda Tum Badlo Thoda Hum by performing four tracks, which were labelled with an "average" tag by Joginder Tuteja from Bollywood Hungama. During the time, Nadeem—Shravan composed Tumsa Nahin Dekha: A Love Story was considered to be the biggest album for Ghoshal, as she sang all the numbers with an exception of one song. Ghoshal was bestowed with her second National Film Award for her rendition of "Dheere phone" in Paheli. In , Ghoshal recorded a thumri in the mujra style for Khoya Khoya Chand.

The duo also worked with the classical track "Mere Dholna" for Bhool Bhulaiyaa , performed beside M. Sreekumar , which was acclaimed with special mention to the taan towards the "climax of the song". Aisa Bhi , Dostana , Yuvvraaj and others. Ghoshal debuted in Malayalam cinema through a studio album of composer Alphons Joseph and later gave voice to his song "Vida Parayukayano" from Big B Satyajit of Glamsham stated, "Shreya Ghoshal's feminine vocal textures have always been reliable in ballads".

In , Ghoshal rendered her voice for popular item song , " Chikni Chameli " from film Agneepath. She gets the kind of rustic flavour that was the need of the hour and is superb in her rendition. The song received positive to mixed reviews by critics.

The songs were originally composed by Bappi Lahri and re-created by Sajid—Wajid. Both songs received positive reviews from music critics. She earned positive to mixed response for former [] [] and mostly positive reviews for the latter. Passionately sung and flatteringly themed, this song makes evident the reason why Ghoshal can be compared to music veterans of the industry.

Rahman in Tamil film I. With regards to Shreya Ghoshal, we have to dig deep the dictionary to come up with some new adjectives to praise her singing. Ghoshal elevates it with her superb effort and the softer arrangement works better for it overall. Chitra and composed by Nikhil-Vinay.

India West praised the Hindi version by quoting, "Ghoshal proves that she can tread Sunidhi Chauhan terrain effortlessly in parts of the song, and her strong vocals once again put up a strong case for playback singers females ". As Swetha Ramakrishnan from Firstpost reiterated, "The best thing about the song is Shreya Ghoshal singing in a lower pitch; something one rarely gets to hear.

Shriram Iyengar from Cinestaan mentioned, "Ghoshal's voice brings a mesmerising touch to the song, with a perfect balance of happiness and contentment. Joginder Tuteja from Bollywood Hungama stated that "The combination of Sonu-Shreya takes the song to a different altogether and worthy of repeat hear. Glamsham reported, "Ghoshal is simply fantastic and [song] can be put on repeat mode". Thaman for the song "Mandhaara" from Bhaagamathie. She later provided her rendition for "Allasani Vaari" from Tholi Prema.

Composed by film's director Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself, it was based on the traditional music and dance forms performed by the Rajput queens of Rajasthan. Her rendition of the tracks was widely praised, with the lyrics receiving appreciation for being an ode to middle class struggles in the Indian society.

Ghoshal performs in musical concerts around the world. On the first tour in , she also celebrate years of Bollywood by performing many of the old Bollywood hits songs. In , along with Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shiamak Davar , Ghoshal performed the theme song of Commonwealth Games at its closing ceremony , as an invitation to everyone to the following Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

In , Ghoshal performed a charity event to support a 17 years old patient of Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. One of Ghoshal's earliest musical memories is listening to her mother, Sarmistha Ghoshal, singing classical Bengali songs at clubs. Ghoshal has performed songs with a lower vocal range. No matter what the language of the song, even if it is Bengali, I write it in Hindi. I have certain notations and markings to indicate the way it should be pronounced.

I feel the Devanagari script is the closest to the phonetics of the language. English letters are not very good for that purpose. Moreover, I listen carefully and try to grasp as much as possible when the lyrics are read to me". What makes Ghoshal remarkable among her contemporaries, according to The Indian Express is, the "serenity in her voice" and the "enviable range".

Ghoshal took vocal lessons and did workshops with Kalyanji Virji Shah , where she learnt the technique about "throw of voice, straight notes, vibratos". Jayachandran praised Ghoshal by saying, "It is amazing how she writes down the lyrics in Hindi and then gives her signature nuanced expressions to Malayalam words". Usha Uthup named her among the "voice for the future". Sonu Nigam mentioned Ghoshal as his favourite singer: "If there'll be best all-time singers, Shreya will surely be included among them".

Ghoshal was also honored from the U. In , Ghoshal appeared in the Forbes Celebrity , a list based on income and popularity of India's celebrities. She remained in the top fifty spots for five consecutive years, listed at the forty-second spot in —13, the twenty-eighth spot in , the thirty-third spot in and the twenty-eighth spot in Ghoshal is also known for her style and fashion sense.

Ghoshal is active on social media. She is the sixth most liked Indian personality on Facebook and 47th most followed Indian personality on Twitter, according to the statistics of Socialbakers. Ghoshal has appeared as a judge on several television reality shows and she also appears in music videos.

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