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Starcraft 2 nydus mining bitcoins

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As I approached StarCraft 2 I tried to go in with an open mind and forget about Brood War as much as humanly possible. What I found was that I enjoyed the game I was playing despite the parts of the game I disagree with. I have always wanted a game that was nothing like Brood War for StarCraft 2, of course the units and settings are familiar, but there is little resemblance in gameplay to me.

I have said before that MBS is not a problem because it is not. The main problem with StarCraft 2 in the Blizzcon build was the little things which took out the majority of the work which directly affects the competitive nature of StarCraft. Probes politely move out of the way for each other when told to move to a position, unless on hold position a Zealot block will move for any unit you tell to pass it.

All of those things make it easy to concentrate on the obvious aspects of the game, macro and micro. Base management is much easier compared to Brood War; I really was disappointed by this. I think there are faults in MBS for StarCraft 2 but overall it is not the biggest problem at this point and the developers can put their efforts to use in better ways than MBS. But there are a few things which I did notice about the mechanics of each race which will be very troublesome.

Zealots are still viable mid game but they are much less effective against Zerglings by themselves, microing your Zealots could actually cause you to lose more than just A-Moving into his army. Stalkers in mass are actually pretty overpowered to a noob but in the hands of pro gamers they are deadly and if they remain the way they are I could see an imbalance coming in there.

The Zerg are really underequipped when it comes to teching early game compared to StarCraft which is not necessarily bad, fast Roaches were very effective. I found that Zerglings were more powerful than I expected especially with the Baneling upgrade.

Banelings are overpowered and will be nerfed before release, you heard it here. Terrans have the marauder. I hardly need to say more, the Marauder is a very impressive unit with lot versatility in any matchup. They are overpowered as of right now when in the hands of a competent player or when abused looking at you zatic! Other than that I really found the Terran to me a fairly balanced race compared to the other three.

What really irks me is the unavoidable advances in technology which Blizzard cant ignore. Multiple Building Select, mass unit select, auto-mine; they all come together to drag down the basic quality of the game itself.

I constantly found myself spamming hotkeys just to keep myself busy, microing with one hand, tears streaming down my face. Actually it wasn't quite that bad as I enjoyed it as a stand alone game. But as a sister or sequel to Brood War it doesn't quite match up; but hell I don't think any game ever will. Zerg The Swarm has the most potential in my opinion, though the place they are at right now is not ideal.

They have a long way to go before being ready to wow the pants off of your Grandma but I was so impressed with their mechanics and unit mix that I came away with an even higher opinion of Zerg in general. Zerglings are still a full game unit which I was very happy about; Zerglings are by far one of my favorite units due to their versatility. As I said though they are overpowered when upgraded to Banelings this will need to be fixed. I was very disappointed with Mutalisks and Lurkers. Mutalisk micro is not existent in the old way of thinking but there is room for improvement with them and I definitely think they belong in the final build of the game.

Lurkers on the other hand may play a less dominant role against Terran and Protoss alike. I do think they will make the final cut but in the end I am not sure if they should go through in the state they are right now. Marines are much more resilient to Lurkers and with the Medivacs necessary in a bio situation marines can be easily lifted to safety.

MBS is much less necessary for the Zerg in this build and most likely it will stay that way. Terran I have never been a big fan of Terran so I really found them to be much the same as I do in StarCraft, bland and boring. Marines play a very different role now as viable early game units against Protoss and a good opening to mech against Zerg.

They are a lot like Zerglings in the respect that they will perform an all game role in StarCraft 2, at least I think so. Marauders are sweet, they need balancing but I really do love them and Reapers are too much fun. They will be the backbone of early game harass against any type of target as they are even more mobile than the Stalker.

They cannot function as the head unit of an army like they used to but they will still be useful. Thors are completely useless in any scenario, at least everyone that I used them in. I failed to make even one of the new vulture units because I care that little about both the former and the latter. BCs are still as fun as ever and likely to make more appearances in pro gaming.

They are pretty powerful just like in StarCraft but they played a very good harass role as well since most Protoss and Zerg anti-air units were not really that fit to handle them without some kind of ground support. I heard about zatics defensive nukes and decided that my next game against some noob I would just nuke the hell of out of 'em.

Well I did and I actually found that nukes might play a real role in StarCraft 2 other than humiliating a noob. They also do a ridiculous amount of damage against buildings and Ghosts are inexpensive and a better unit than before. Protoss Protoss are suffering from a bad case of being way too old compared to Zerg. I think that Protoss has been under development for too long, the changes in Zerg and Terran left the Protoss behind mechanics wise.

MBS is so advantageous to Protoss it is a joke, macro style players will be ridiculously happy with the ability to put all 30 gateways on one hotkey. Zealots will be taking a back seat to Stalkers in the final build. Well I was able to figure out a decent vTerran rush but other than that I found it more effective to just ride it out into Stalkers before moving out. Stalkers are as powerful as Dragoons would be with blink and good mechanics.

They suffered from terrible mechanics in Brood War and now they are back with a vengeance. This unit will play a huge role in any StarCraft 2 game professional or not. Now for my least favorite part of Protoss, the Capital ships. The Mothership is a noob bashing tool for sure; I cannot imagine a scenario where this unit will become viable in a competitive scenario.

I was able to defeat a swarm of BCs with just four Archons on open ground, they do so much damage that by the time you notice their attack your first unit is already half dead. A long time ago I decided this game could never be as good as Brood War. But sometimes I just want to believe in something that I know is not very likely, like Savior making a return to the winners podium, or Boxer clutching a golden mouse.

For a brief moment this game lived up to the hype in my head, but it was a very brief moment. I am now looking forward to seeing what it will become in the next year or so, I wonder often if Blizzard will address some of these very serious issues before the release. We'll start with an overview: Basics My first impression of the game was that it looked great.

The colors are vibrant and engaging, the map details rich, and the interface modernized yet still familiar. I was annoyed by the bizarre hotkeys, but then again I suppose 't' for storm isn't exactly intuitive either. Protoss Looks exactly as you'd imagine, really an upgraded version of their Brood War ancestors.

Their buildings are very recognizable, the warp-in animation pretty awesome, and pylons have this cute little spin to them. Zealots along with most other units look SO badass, I love it so much! Many little new details add to the game without being overdone, and I totally approve. However, my gripe is with the look of the stalker and dark templar - they look really just clumsy and lame. Zerg I am definitely not a fan. Yes I'm racist, everything just looks the same: I'd find myself scanning a zerg's main and having no idea what I was seeing aside from the pool.

Is that an overlord or a queen? Is that a spire or a sunken? It doesn't help that the creep has this strange artificial reflectiveness and is the same color as the buildings. Zerglings look like cockroaches, lurkers like stupid crabs, blah blah it's just very underwhelming. Terran I like! Like protoss, everything is recognizable and overhauled. The initial complaints from earlier gameplay videos still hold ground though: terran just looks a bit off when everything is so damn crisp and polished.

Terran in cinematics and popular imagination is rugged, with haphazardly built buildings that are prone to randomly explode. It's not bad as it is now, but could definitely be improved. At least for terran, it is a convenience and does not convey the type of advantage you'd imagine because different buildings even different barracks, depending on the addon are used to produce completely different sets of units.

If you're not aware of how MBS works now, to make four marines from 2 barracks with addons capable of making 4 marines at once both hotkeyed to 3 you'd have to press 3mmmm, not that large a leap from 3mm4mm. Transposed to lategame where you have 4 barracks with reactor addons capable of making 8 marines at once , instead of 3m4m5m6m7m8m9m0m you will be pressing 3mmmmmmmm.

I am aware that this will still lower the skill ceiling on macro, but I really believe the mental aspect of remembering to macro is the limiting factor for most players anyway. I should qualify my statement in saying that I believe this will damage high-level and professional play.

The complex part of the MBS issue is that it affects each race very differently, making it hard to make a definitive overall judgment. MBS is annoying for zerg because of issues with larva, while for protoss LOL it is still pretty easy. As for unlimited unit selection for large-scale battles, the advantage is mainly for movement across maps. It's not optimal to rely on for the actual micro in battles, since again as Terran the micro is very mouse heavy and needs multiple hotkeys for different types of units anyway.

It's completely unacceptable to have such a level of automation on only workers - either do it for every unit or don't do it at all. On the other hand, every single probe adds to your economy. The automine equivalent for military units is if they automatically micro themselves, going around killing expansions whenever your opponents make one. It seems artificial and really an unnecessary way to simplify the game.

This is the feature in this current build of SC2 that I feel the most strongly about, and although I am sure most of TL agrees with me I'm going to explain it anyway. Late game, say you have 4 expansions as terran. How do you macro? No more idle workers so that multitask is rewarded, no more idle command centers.

Gas Mechanic The new gas mechanic is gross. Chill has a rather open mind about it, but again I find it forced. If automine is removed, this stupid attempt to make macro harder ironically after simplifying it can be removed. How is having a geyser shut down every few minutes while making an extremely annoying beeping interesting or beneficial at all?

There is little advantage to be gained from mastering this mechanic, and thus little potential to add to the game beyond annoying players. To address those that find manual mining tedious: I find manual mining necessary because proficiency at this skill alone can create a huge skill gradient. I don't find another explanation necessary, nor I am well versed enough in the argument on this topic to elaborate.

This disclaimer should be obvious but here we go anyway: given the early build of the game and my short experience with it, the following is for you guys to get an idea of how the game plays out now instead of any form of absolute guide. Also consider that I played mainly against other TL. Terran vs Protoss Initially I experimented with the familiar build orders from Brood War, and quickly gave up.

The siege tank and its siege research are simply too far up the tech tree to be safe, at least without sitting in your main for a while, giving up map control and harassment, and still getting a relatively late expansion. A few marines and marauders are very capable of pushing back the initial units of the protoss, even just rolling them over should the P skimp on units.

I found that I could tech to marauder without a wall even when the protoss opened zealot first, as your first one comes out as the zealot reaches your base. This build seems to force your hand - either you have to try to break the protoss right away with it or harass like crazy to buy time until you can establish a defense and get an expansion up. With a factory, a fast hellion runby can be deadly with their weapons upgrade that massacres probes.

Fast banshees from the starport completely destroy a fast protoss tech build such as a dt rush, as stalkers are impossibly poor against them. These builds allowed me to get enough siege tanks to safely take my expansion. Notice that there is no true fast expansion build listed - even with bunkers at your natural, the mobility of stalkers to blink up into your main or raw power of midgame protoss ground against your fragile expansion is simply too much of a threat to be worth it.

Instead, terran is forced to take initiative to be able to get into macro mode. This is a refreshing change in early game dynamics for TvP. I was not able to explore as many unit combinations at this stage in the game simply from lack of time. Standard unit heavy openings worked pretty well - for example, I managed to pull off an 8rax bunker rush and some limited form of 2rax marine aggression.

Some of these transitioned to an expansion well, such as the 2rax marine. However, these didn't seem optimal compared to the openings I ended up favoring: - a modified zatic build, which I will call the intrigue build LOL. I used a higher number of marines and only marauders along with 3 or so scvs, going for a delayed bunker rush timing off of 2rax - one with a tech lab, one with a reactor core.

This force is capable of easily taking down a sunken and is very easily microed against lings. It transitions cleanly into an expansion, better than a 2rax marine opening even with reactor cores because even one or two marauders greatly greatly increases the ability to micro due to the slowing effect of the grenade launcher.

Even then, it's difficult to survive without bunkers. Medivac tech is delayed for a quicker expo. Good to expand with, but a lot of bunkers are still necessary. Starport openings flopped for me because banshees come too late, or at least it seems more favorable to get a medivac for its dual purpose if you are looking to harass. Notice that I was really scared of getting my expo broken.

Towards the end of BlizzCon I realized that a solution to this threat would be to wall off with depots since perfect blocks are easy, and that depots can be lowered. On the other hand, muta micro is not yet perfected along with the fact that turrets now are reaaallllyy good. I'm not quite sure how zerg can handle the constant drops though, since scourge have been taken out. In big battles, this fact is somewhat compensated for because nighthawks are as fragile as paper, even weaker than their predecessor the science vessel.

Even with a full army, I had to be extremely paranoid of a nydus worm popping up in my main at all times. Terran vs Terran This matchup was fucking fun. I got to try out various openings and never really came up with one that was obviously better than the rest. Expanding with it seems very reckless though, because of some of the other viable units listed below. I had this amazing idea to jump cliffs and pepper my opponents' mineral lines with reaper mines, which are invincible and blow up after about 3 seconds.

The splash isn't huge but is enough of a threat to force a defensive response. As a bonus, mines cost energy instead of having a limited number per reaper. Vikings are basically goliaths and wraiths rolled into one, and give good firepower with mobility. I ended up running into a lot of viking vs viking battles.

They actually build much faster than you'd expect, and just stomp around blowing shit up in the air and the ground. They can be accompanied by a fanclub of scvs just repairing it, even correct me on this rebuilding them on the spot should the thor be destroyed. Mirrors are always difficult to figure out, so I have much less to say about this matchup besides just throwing out units that work.

It seems that there will be more units that are viable than in Brood War's TvT, but of course it's too difficult to predict. Closing Notes Terran is just extremely mobile now, a large change from the way it used to be. I felt flexible early game, not running into any obviously overpowered strategies or forced modes of play. The mineral intake of 5 each SCV return takes some getting used to but by the end of the convention I had a very streamlined build up to about almost 50 supply in TvZ without any glaring problems.

Some miscellaneous things: it's interesting how big of an effect there is when medivacs cannot heal each other. Other micro mechanics have been changed too, partially because of how turning animations introduce an unnecessary latency. Patrol does not work because of this wait, so for the most part I was using hold position to control my units. Early game, worker attack AI is amazing and nullifies a lot of mineral line harassment. Finally, nukes are fast and hard to detect, proving quite effective and definitely an option in this game.

The game is without doubt very fun, and the pacing is fine. In terms of competitive play, it is foolish to declare this early as even many posters here have no shame doing that StarCraft 2 is going to be 'just like WarCraft' or 'easy. I see much promise in this game. The game has changed a good deal since last year, however it still has the makings of a good RTS by Blizzard. I realize that there are a lot of purists on TeamLiquid.

Yes, StarCraft became what it is today with a bit of luck, I completely agree. Lastly, some statistical data I describe may be wrong as I am doing this review completely from memory. Please feel free to call me a noob and correct my blunders! They are a very fluid and mobile race, regardless of unit mix or tech tier. This segment will go over my thoughts on the Zerg units, buildings, the three matchups and some of the games I played at BlizzCon.

At 50 minerals a pop, you get two Lings per purchase. The upgrades also remain the same; you have a speed upgrade at Hatchery tech and adrenal upgrade at the Hive. The single biggest difference about Zerglings in SC2 most definitely is the control. Thanks to a vastly improved engine, there is definitely something smarter about these beasts. The pathing is impressive, Zerglings no longer move en masse in a single file line. Surrounds are almost automatic. Also, unless this is tweaked down, fancy worker micro to keep a worker alive in a Zerg base for the first minutes of the game is near impossible: Zerglings are noticeably faster than any of the three workers, on or off Zerg creep.

Lings ensure hits land every three to five steps, regardless of any maneuvers the worker may attempt. They may be augmented with only one upgrade this time, a speed upgrade, while range is set and static throughout the game. I had a tendency of going Hydras Lurks in a lot of my games. Despite having the same HP, Hydras have a much bulkier feel to them, though it might be because they are simply larger on the screen in SC2.

Albeit slow moving compared to its zerg cousins, the ranged, ground-attack-only Roach has the ability to tear through biological units with ease. Roaches are also mini-tanks at Tier 1 thanks to their accelerated healing. Roaches boast one of the fastest natural HP regeneration rates in the game second probably to Medivac healing and they also have a Hive upgrade at the Roach Warren that improves their HP regeneration even more putting it almost on par with Medivac healing.

The biggest by far is that Overlords are no longer detectors. At Tier 2, both Overlords and Overseers gain the ability to spew creep - there are many theorycraft possibilities for this one, trust me. Overlords retain their speed upgrade, but the sight range upgrade has been removed. Also, as far as I can remember, you cannot load units into Overlords anymore, no matter how hard I tried right clicking. This could make it worthwhile to not just have a few Overseers follow your army but to place them at strategic high ground and cliffs for static detection across the map.

Overseers also came with a Spawn Changeling ability, which as far as I could tell, was just another Hallucination like spell. The most interesting thing about the Overseer now is its ability to summon the Nydus Worm, sans creep. I came to BlizzCon with the idea that I would need one Overlord to spew the creep and another Overseer to summon the Nydus Worm, but nay, just one Overseer will do.

It functions just like a Scourge does in SC but on the ground. With Banelings, you can target a unit and deal splash damage to every enemy unit in the vicinity hello unsuspecting rally point. Ever wish you could see more vulture mines blowing up probes?

Now you can! Banelings against a mineral line are just devastating. Finally, at Hive tech, you can augment Banelings with a speed upgrade. Late game, Banelings moving at the same speed as your Cracklings is just joyous fun. Nothing really new here: burrow, splash, rip apart Marines and Zealots. Infestor : From Infestation Pit I made many attempts to use Infestors at Tier 2 but most of them ended up very unfruitful.

I attribute it mostly to my lack of understanding of the unit since I read Plexa was able to boast better results. Fungal Infestation functions much like a Terran Irradiate. Upon killing the unit, Fungal Infestation causes considerable splash damage to surrounding units; quite effective against a clump of low HP units like Zerglings or Marines. Summon Infested Terran does exactly that, it summons 10 infested Terrans per casting. I used this spell for the first time trying to break a Tank siege on my nat.

Walk the Infestor onto a cliff overseeing the siege, 1a2a3a4a your Ling, Hydra, Lurker army, then summon 10 Infested Terrans next to the Tanks first to keep the Hellions occupied. Neural Parasite is a basic 10 second mind control, and yes it works on enemy workers as well.

Mutalisk : From Spire Not much has changed from SC1 to SC2 for the Mutalisk but, probably due to the new gas mechanism, gas is hard to gather efficiently. As a result, I did not find a time-effective 2 Hatch or 3 Hatch Muta build my games where I wanted to avoid the Hydra path which I used in the majority of my games.

Ironically, a Hydra to Muta tech switch did yield some success, largely thanks to the majority of Blizzcon attendees not being aware what the best anti-air unit for their race was. Mutalisks have only 1 morphological upgrade this time: the Swarm Guardian Some staff had an issue with zerg buildings and buildings looking too similar regarding color scheme and the specular highlighting Corruptor : From Spire Supposedly the Tier 2 Devourer equivalent in SC2, I could not, for the life of me, find a plausible way to use this unit.

Corruptors are dedicated anti-air units cannot attack ground and retain the splashing spore ability that Devourers had. At the Spire, there was an Enduring Corruption upgrade that allowed for an increased duration of the spores against enemy aircraft. In small numbers, Corruptors consistently lost to equal number of Phoenixes or Vikings. They come with an innate passive ability which functions like the Spawn Broodling of the old SC1 Queen.

No, ground units are not instantly killed by each Swarm Guardian attack, but for every attack the SG makes, 2 new Broodlings appear. Like the Infested Terrans the Infestor summons, these Broodlings also have a timed life. The interesting thing about Swarm Guardians is that their passive ability does not turn off, even when it is attacking buildings.

So two new little ground meatshields will arise in every Swarm Guardian attack. These things are walking monstrosities. Ultras can somehow burrow now but they lose their speed and armor upgrades. But then again, at the speed they move, I think giving them a speed research upgrade would be rather imba. Queen : From Hatcheries To my dismay, Queens are now ground units and they have anti-air capabilities.

I never found out about the anti-air capability until after BlizzCon. I think this would have definitely helped wean me off my usual Hydra tech that I used in most of my games. The Queen is yet another spell-casting unit, kind of like a WarCraft III hero but without all the experience nonsense. She comes with 3 abilities: Creep Tumor, this keeps creep from shrinking without the presence of a Hatchery or Crawler in the area. Have an Overlord shit creep and a Queen lay a Creep Tumor and you have an area of perma-creep without any buildings required.

Transfusion, heals one zerg unit to full health. Probably best used on an elephant. Spawn Mutant Larvae, did not really have an opportunity to explore this spell. Halp meh. No, not just to build new buildings on If your non-Hatchery building is on a piece of shrinking creep, it is in danger. When the creep shrinks past the building, the building will explode in gory goodness. With this effect in play, it might also be wise not to place your buildings at the farthest edge of your initial Hatch.

If you do this in SC2, you risk those buildings as the first to explode if you lose your Hatchery and the creep recedes. At first, I thought this change was infinitesimal but then I realize this could pose as a drawback for Zerg. Should you lose your Deep Warren for whatever reason, you would have to build a Den and then morph it back into a Warren, in order to build Lurks again.

The Lurker research from SC1 was much more of a fail-safe path to Lurks. Now in SC2, Lurkers become more building dependent. This year, Photon Cannons lost that ability while the Crawlers gained it. Take note, Spore Crawlers are detectors but only when they are settled down - uprooted Spore Crawlers cannot detect.

After about every gas mined, the Extractor would be unusable for a duration of 30 seconds. I am sure on some level, you could play this out early game to where you would be functionally mining from 4 geysers simultaneously for a certain period of time.

But in the long term, the gas mechanism is just a nuisance. Early and mid game, I spent my time juggling drones between the 2 geysers at my main and natural to maintain a constant income of gas. In just about every ZvP game you can still open with 12 Hatch without repercussion. This bought me time to take over the map and just power. If the Protoss managed to build Cannons at his natural or on his ramp, I considered the possibility of getting speed Hydras to break the cannons or just to continue containing and go higher up the tech tree.

Banelings were intense. Unabashed, I knew this strategy would not work as well against most competent Protosses who had Blink researched and prepared. But without Blink, I was looking at easy Stalker soup. Because of their Hardened Shields, or rather their inability to use them against the low damage attacks of the Zerg, Immortals were just a slower form of Stalkers.

I somewhat pity the Zealots, losing their Leg Upgrades in favour of the less versatile Charge. Charge obviously does not work when retreating, probably the biggest drawback of that ability. Showcasing Zergling AI even more, I was thoroughly impressed and amused by the number of times I could pincer Zeals against the wall as they attempted to retreat up a ramp.

Those situations are just not fair for Protoss. But with Swarm Guardians, you can somewhat do both simultaneously. Another reason for my consistent usage of Hydras at Tier 2 aside from the harassing Phoenixes were the Warp Rays. I learned this the hard way in two games where I fooled around with Infestors only to have 3 Warp Rays fly into my base and proceed to take out my Hatchery, then move on to my Natural for a repeat performance.

Very good at sniping buildings when someone is inadequately prepared to handle air units. ZvT I think it was after my first 10 to 15 games against other TL. I had Protoss players going heavy Stalker with Zealots for backup, then versus Terran, I had players going Mech against me. Seriously, what was going on? Probably the unit I felt the most threatened by, Hellions are like a cross between Firebats and Vultures. Instead of Spider Mines, these Vulture-like bikes come armed with a flamethrower.

They burn Lings like no other, against equal number of Hydras, Hellions managed to surround and splash the Hydras to death. Siege Tanks are more expensive in SC2 but somehow pack an even meaner punch to make up for the increased cost. You can usually build a Mech army of Hellions and Tanks at a ratio, off just one base. If the map has a small choke at the natural, just use Hellions to assume map control over the early Zerglings and force them to turtle up a bit.

Then bring in the Siege Tanks for further containment. And should the Zerg go Mutalisks, what can Terran do? Bring in the Thors! Because of my usual Hydralisk opening as Zerg, I had some major difficulty against said Mech builds. Thanks to bulkier Marines and much improved Turrets, Terran bases were harder to crack with Mutas alone. I ended up relying mostly on a Sauron Zerg play style and just trying to out-macro and out-flank the Terran Mech army.

Infestors did help a great deal. For the Terran players that went the orthodox infantry path, I found them to be much easier to handle. Biomech would seem like the necessary path to go, to have Tanks outrange the Lurks. Medivacs have the dual purpose of being Medics and Dropships in one now. All the more reason I needed to rely on a Hydra opening.

Ghosts sound impressive against Zerg with their Sniping ability that does a load of damage against biological units but I never had any used against me. Never saw any Reapers in my ZvT games either. Well in SC2, there is absolutely no reason to go up to Tier 2. Lings are rather self-explanatory but what really make Roaches shine is their combined trait of high HP regeneration and added natural damage against biological units.

I heard a few Zerg players complain about how if you put all your Lings and Roaches in one control group and fight, your Lings will always run headlong into the enemy Roaches and get wasted before your own Roaches enter the fray. Separate your Lings from your Roaches and lead with the latter. Or better yet, lead with your Roaches and run your Lings around and use them to flank the enemy Roaches from behind. Another reason you need Lings is in case the other Z opens 12 hatch and Spines up the new Sunks up.

All the more reason to have Lings. Let the Roaches soak up as much damage as you can from the Spines and run the Lings around to take them out. Just like SC1, ZvZ is very much a mobility and flanking game. In that situation, I can see how Tier 2 is achievable but then the other Zerg could just grab his natural and Spore up.

And I already have little faith in Muta builds thanks to the gas mechanism… Memorable BlizzCon Games ZvT thedeadhaji I faced the onslaught of 2 Fact Hellions the first time against haji and my mind was blown away. How ridiculous is it to give something like a Vulture an attack that deals splash damage? I opened 12 hatch and ran around with 20 non-speed upgraded Lings. Assuming he was going infantry, I just sat in front of his natural ramp and waited. When I heard the Barracks lift up, I started to run away.

Out came 4 bikes and I have never been as disappointed as I was after the next 30 seconds. The Hellions proceeded to outpace my Lings and killed all 20 of them before I could run back to the safety of my base. I was stuck in my base and on the defensive for the rest of the game. I lost after he rolled out with 3 Tanks and 12 more Hellions. In a separate game, I lost to Hellion yet again.

Instead, I tried to power Drones a lot more, made Lings and only had 2 Spines. When I saw 6 Hellions approach, I ran up my ramp to block. Yet another defeat. My glorious victory finally came when I snuck a Drone out to take an early 3rd base and played defensively. As anticipated, haji came out with his Hellions and shortly thereafter his Tanks started laying siege.

I went Lings, slow Hydras and 2 Infestors. While I was able to kill the containment and all the Hellions and Tanks, I was left with only a few Hydras and the 2 Infestors. I continue to expand and just mass Mutas for the win. In this game, I also denied haji his third win in a row thus denying him his StarCraft II poster on his first try.

Serves him right! I a-move! Lings flank! I gladly accept. We spawn cross position, me 6, him It isn't until with my scouting Drone that I find zatic at 12 with a Pylon Forge build at his natural. The God damn German has built a Pylon in front of my 12 Hatch and is warping in 3 cannons! I scouted the proxy Cannons too late and my nat Hatch was a goner.

The Ashworld map we played on just happened to not have a free natural outside the ramp, you had to go slightly farther to fast expand, at a location where it would usually be for your 3rd base. No matter, I FE anyways. As soon as I have Lurks morphed, in flies his Medivac.

Dammit Ghostclaws, are you kidding me? For the next minutes we play cat and mouse, with Ghostclaws coming out on top every time. He attacks my expo that has 2 Spines, I run my lings over to save it. My Lings arrive, he loads up his Medivac and flies to my Main.

We do this dance a few more times until he lands at my expo for a 3rd time. What does he do instead? He stims. Ghostclaws then continues to humiliate me by flying 2 Medivacs all around my base, dropping Marines right where my Spines and Lurks are out of range. Thanks Ghostclaws. In this unfortunate game, I once again attempted to go a non-Hydra build only to find out that haji has blocked off his ramp with Zeals and had a Photon Cannon up as well.

I decided that he must be teching so perhaps I could go Banelings, suicide into the Zeal wall and break into the base with 30 Lings. And what is this? Knowing they are dedicated air-to-air units now, I put down some Spores in an attempt to keep the Phoenixes away and not have to go back to Hydras. In retrospect, had I know Queens had an anti-air attack, I probably would have built a few.

But either way, the continual sniping of my Overlords with 6 Phoenix slowly set me back. I'm reaching the end of the Brutal Campaign It's not as hard as people make it out to be. With the exception of a few missions. I haven't researched either of the final Zerg researches yet, and I'll research whichever corresponds to the mission I pick.

Which version of the mission is easier? And based on that, which two researches should I get? Reasons rather than just answers would be appreciated. Siretu Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator Staff member. Personally, I hate mutalisks. So I picked the nydus worms. My friend did the air version on brutal and had the hive mind emulator the mind control tower and built lots of them and mindcontrolled an army of mutalisks and won. I don't know about the research.

Flame turrets could be good to have. If you go for nydus worms, you should probably mass banshees to take out the nydus worms outside your base. Which would you say was the easier win? Nydus Worms are a lot easier, just mass Banshees preferably with the upgrade that halves the mana drain of Cloak and Siege Tanks. Flame Turrets are pretty helpful in the last level, I spammed them around the artifact. Brood Lords are a real pain if you go air, you need to have Vikings everywhere at once if they attack.

Monsterous In the Shadows, Lurking. If you have the Hive Mind Emulator, go air. If not, go nydus. Make like 12 banshees and keep replacing them as they die. Bunker up the walls and siege tank the entrances. They're very effective Monsterous said:. Arkless New Member. Save your game before researching and load it if you don't like it someone told me that was the best way, never tried it myself. Btw wich is more difficult: Wc3 campaign on hard or SC2 on brutal?

I might just do that. SC2 on Brutal. It feels like such a waste of time. Mass Mind Control seems to work very well. Edit: Did it first try with the Nydus worms. That version is on a completely different league to the Air one. It's much, much easier.

The Hivemind emulator is good But i prefer the Psi disruptor since it slows down Kerrigan and any other zerg. Also:Mass reapers and use their cluster bombs every chance you get on the out break mission. Not only is it fun but it makes the mission really really easy. Don't mind me just hijacking this thread.

Today I did the 'shatter the sky' second to last mission against air mission with mindcontrol. Just built 10 hive mind emulators in base and mindcontroll everything that comes along and meanwile built an army until all minerals used. Then just walk from one base to another. And not especially good micro or macro :banghead: What the heck do I do? O B New Member.

Based on my experience the air mission is ridiculously harder; I first tried to do it with air and, after 7 bloody attempts, I got to The only reason I got even close to that far was because I mind controlled a load of ridiculously strong brood lords to fend of the still-strong ground forces.

I got overwhelmed so often the artifact was never not on cooldown. Then I reloaded the save where you pick the mission it saves this automatically before any choice; so no worries and did the ground mission. The difference was astounding. In my opinion you're not just picking between modes; you're picking between difficulty levels, that's how far apart they are.

The leviathan coming is really just overkill; it'd be a shitload more difficult even without it. Did you get the missile turret and the BC upgrade that lets them fire a shitload of missiles? I found those extremely helpful vs the masses of air if you have a large group of BC's.


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East Canada Travel Highlights:…. The StarCraft O…. Decided to upload some…. Game Programming with SFM…. My profession - Being A S…. Customize Sidebar This ridiculously good image was made by graphics team member Sigrun. Props sir. The Nydus Worm still seems to be incredibly powerful Time and balance will tell. I actually tried this build in my very last games at BWWI in Paris and found it very strong back then.

Turns out it was still a serious punch at Blizzcon. Take SCV off gas when it shuts down. I won the first couple of games using it so people started copying the build to rush through the community tournament Hello Gaetele That's probably where all the hype came from. While it is a viable build it is not as notorious as its reputation Unlike in its predecessor, Starcraft 2 TvT is suprisingly interesting.

Banelings are incredibly powerful especially when paired with other units like the roach. The maps we played on at Blizzcon and WWI had very wide ramps. Obviously this is map design dependant but the test maps required a fair amount of attention to block. Some staff had an issue with zerg buildings and buildings looking too similar regarding color scheme and the specular highlighting. AverageProtoss: I have no counter for elephants, good game sir.

It seemed like as Jaedong's guardians and drops kept failing, he convinced himself that if he only massed enough elephants, he'd be able to just ride them to victory. No matter how long it took or how much time he gave Free, the elephants would win. However, because Jaedong's first attacking units were guardians in the 14th minute of the game, it allowed Free to throw the normal rules of ZvP out the window. Normal ZvP rules out the window Jaedong: I attack you with 12 elephants.

Free: I build a time machine. Jaedong: What? Free: I travel back in time. Free: I counter with 40 tyrannosaurs. This was a few weeks ago and I had not been keeping up with the pro-scene. This will be common sight on B. Net for years to come - Zerg Rush kekekekeke. This article is ridiciolously huge.

My eyes are bleeding. Where is the crotchmaster's part? Font is so small Woah huge read!!! Pretty nice, now we know what SC2 is kind of like from our awesome TL mods. So if I understand the article correctly the main problems you see are: 1. Automine which simplifies getting a good eco very much 3. The artificial features like the gas mechanic which should increase macro to compensate for UI improvements.

After reading half of that I found myself wanting to play the beta. It sounds pretty fun and holds promise. Nice written it seems there are a lot of problrms with the game though.. And zerg seems scary. Read it all, took me about minutes! Since it seems none of the authors agree on even a single thing, I believe the game will be awesome; if, on the contrary, they had agreed on nearly everything, that would have meant that the game had been dumbed down.

So I'm more optimistic than ever. Live Events Next event in 2h 1m. BasetradeTV Online Event. WardiTV Winter Champion…. Kas vs souL. Kas vs SKillous. SKillous vs MilkiCow. SKillous vs souL. SKillous vs SouLeer. MilkiCow vs SouLeer. Kas vs SouLeer. Best of the Best Tour. DragOn vs OyAji.

StRyKeR vs Sziky. Shinhan Tank Proleague. Copa Hyperion. Rogue City Rumble. The NA Apprentice. Team eXon vs Alpha X. Risen from the Gosu vs TBD. Alpha Pro Series. Astrea vs ByuN. Grand Platypus Open. ITaX Super Series. Zest vs Rogue. PartinG vs ByuN. Fast Risers Invitational.

BSL: Ladder Tournament. Alpha X Junior Champion…. Amantes de StarCraft 2. Dandy vs StRyKeR. OyAji vs TerrOr. Dewalt vs trutaCz. Rogue vs Patience. Dream vs Zest. Korea Lite Cup. Patience vs MaNa. Patience vs Cure. Cure vs Denver. Cure vs MaNa. Cure vs Prince. Denver vs Prince. MaNa vs Prince. Patience vs Prince. ESL Pro Tour. PtitDrogo vs Lilbow.

Stephano vs Garitos. Arrogfire vs ShaDoWn. AfreecaTV Starcraft Tea…. Liquipedia Results Completed. BSL11 Ladder Chobo 2. Snow Sweet Snow 1. Ultimate Battle. Shinhan Tank Proleague S4. ASTL Season 2. MCC Qualifiers. RCG Worldwide Qualification. RCG European Qualification. RCG American Qualification. Bombastic StarLeague BSL11 Ladder Open 3. IEM Katowice Masters Clash Champ. IEM Summer DH Masters Spring DreamHack Open Mar Snow Sweet Snow 2.

ByuN 2. Dark 4. Solar 5. Nerchio 7. INnoVation Rain 2. Flash 3. EffOrt 4. Bisu 6. Soulkey 7. Mini 8. Props sir Introduction This is long. Really Long. While we tried to stay away from balance discussion, it inevitably comes up and this piece was no different. Please keep in mind that many of the complaints or issues people had will be fixed through the beta so they are hardly detrimental - the review build that we played was already out of date by the first day of blizzcon.

You will also notice that most of the writers have varying opinions on each of the races, mechanics etc. While discontinuous, this should be considered a good thing - having variations in thought shows that there are no longer as many clear cut "issues" and that significant progress has been made even since BWWI Paris. There is quite a bit of material here to digest so read through and we hope this gives you a well rounded feeling for the direction Starcraft 2 is taking. That is, the units move quickly, attack quickly, and die quickly, just like in Brood War.

There was some talk that the game felt slow, and rumours formed that the game speed was locked on Fast instead of Fastest. I really think these are both wrong in the regards to keeping SC2 similar to its predecessor. Tech seemed to come at very similar timings when compared to Brood War; games would usually be at midgame within 5 minutes, with the endgame sometimes coming as early as 15 minutes. Basically, both game speed and pacing are perfect in my eyes at this point.

Battles are quick and dirty. The game equally rewards aggressive and passive styles. A standard game seems to usually end by the 15 minute mark, and you can certainly have complete map dominance by the 20 minute mark. Game speed and pacing are true to the original.

Note: FrozenArbiter has confirmed that the game was played one step below fastest according to Blizzard. Unit Mechanics I led with the problem-free game speed and pacing section so that the crash through unit and game mechanics would be that much more painful. Not to sound too dire, but there are a lot of issues with units. We can only report on how the game works now. Units control very well for the most part. Unit pathing is accurate. Units seem to move without getting too easily obstructed and take the logical path.

Units move down ramps more easily than before. Units still auto-flank in a sense; this simply means that with improved pathing comes a more powerful attack-move. So all in all, units do what you want, except for a few.

They overlap if you spam but usually spread out pretty easily. Mutalisk micro is very hard to do. I tried patrol, hold, and attack, and nothing made them emulate their Brood War counterparts. Zealot against Zergling micro no longer exists.

One reason will be explained in the next section, but the more important issue is explained here. Six Zerglings engage my 2 Zealots. I grabbed my 2 Zealots and instructed them to attack the leading Zergling. Since the Zergling line was coming in at an angle, there should have theoretically been room for 6 Zealots around that Zergling.

The first Zealot engaged, but his companion felt it a better idea to, instead of going around the other Zealot to attack the Zergling, go around the entire Zergling line and attack from behind. Every movement in the game has a tedious precursory animation. You want to withdraw an injured Zealot from Zerglings to keep it alive while the others deal damage? Well, get ready to sit there while he spins and then begins to move back, then spins, and comes back into battle.

You want to maximize your Mutalisk harass? Well, get really good at guessing which SCVs are alive, and which are slowly falling apart as the nearlysecond death animation plays. This has made some considerable progress. I hope Blizzard realizes that we actually hacked their game so we can play without online latency. They need to realize that hardcoding latency into the game in the form of tedious animations is a bad idea.

Yes, as a preemptive response, Warcraft 3 has unit turning and also has a healthy competitive scene. But is it because of it, or in spite of it? Have you ever heard any competitive gamer, or athlete for that matter, saying the response is too fast? Using anticipation should be an option, not a requirement. Racial Mechanics The game has changed a little bit since I last played it.

Terran upgrades come from the appropriate addons. For example, Terran infantry upgrades come from the technology addon to the Barracks. Factory upgrades from the machine shop-esque addon and so on. This is a fine change from the Engineering Bay and Armory location in the original StarCraft, although it does seem to devalue these buildings a lot. Engineering Bays no longer float and give building armor upgrades beyond useless in my eyes , meaning you would only ever get one now for Missile Turrets.

Missile Turrets absolutely destroy air units now. Nine Mutalisks will just about trade with three Missile Turrets, while Cannons seemed pretty bad against Mutalisks comparatively. The timing for three Hatch Mutalisks is perfect. Zerg buildings now spawn a lot of Broodlings when they die. What issue does the Broodlings address? I suppose possibly it adds a bit of protection from being countered, since the Broodlings will clog up an intruding army while the main Zerg army returns home.

Zerg is already the most mobile race as is, so it seems silly to give them defense from something that are already strong against. Either this concept is over my head, or Blizzard is trying to mold the game to their cool ideas, as opposed to the other way around.

Overlords no longer detect. I found this out the hard way when I spotted Zatic doing a one base DT build. Detection is a lot more available in this version than at BWWI, which is a very nice improvement. For a cost, Overlords can be upgraded to Overseers, which gives them detection and the ability to spread creep and plant Nydus Worms. Spreading creep seems like an interesting way to stop island or secret expansions from being taken, but since Zerg usually have the quickest army and best scouting, this again seems like another redundant ability that plays to their strengths.

No longer do Nydus Worms require creep. I believe I saw an Overseer plant a Nydus Worm while three Turrets were firing at it and it still completed. How are you supposed to stop this? Idra said he pulled SCVs to stop it, but they really do complete in 2 seconds so you would have to be unbelievably quick to stop it from happening around the proximity of your base. Hell, plant four Nydus Worms simultaneously around his base.

One will inevitably live and there you go. Time and balance will tell Sunken Colonies can uproot, walk, and reroot. I was not impressed. Unlike the rage I heard from other people talking about it, I was really willing to give this a shot. After every gas, a geyser will shut down for 30 seconds.

Your workers will stay near the geyser, idle, until it comes back online, at which point they will resume mining. I think it could provide interesting timings of when to pull workers, when to get your second gas, and the like. Golden minerals mine at twice the rate. This was only a problem in ZvP as addressed later and a few times when it took away your choice of giving up map control for awhile since you would be forfeiting two bases, essentially, instead of one.

I think the problems with this mechanic can be fixed with better map design and a more solid understanding of game flow. I like golden minerals! Workers come out of the town halls mining automatically. Ah MBS. Game Flow This section will be really quick. The Zatic build 3 Marauder and 5 Marine rush was incredibly hard to stop as both Protoss and Terran, although I only played people copying the build, not the inventor himself. If Protoss can live past the Zatic build they have a good chance of beating Terran, but that is really easier said than done.

Their main problems, however, stem from Zerg. Because Zealots prefer to run than fight, 2 Gate is not really viable. Protoss can still comfortably fast expand; however, StarCraft 2 has two new variables not present in Brood War that complicate the situation. First, there is no counter to Mutalisks. Archons suck, Psionic Storm sucks, and there are no Corsairs.

Stalkers do surprisingly well, but Mutalisks are too mobile for pure Stalkers to defend effectively. The main problem, however, are golden minerals which let workers mine them at double the rate of normal minerals. Well in StarCraft II, Zerg still take three bases, but they mine at the rate of four bases, since their third one will inevitably be a golden mineral base.

Zerg against Terran is interesting as well, but also leaves Terran doomed. Now try to peel this sense of game flow and tape it onto StarCraft 2. No Medics? Unfortunately, mass Hydralisks are also very strong against Terran infantry even with multiple Medivacs , leaving Terran feeling pretty scared to even attempt a drop.

Any sort of early game push instead of FE is absolutely crushed by mass Zerglings, since Terran no longer have tier one Medics or Firebats. Hooray, at this point in time Zerg are the best race. I will try to cover strong strategies and builds I found "standard" at Blizzcon for every matchup - as much as a build can be standard after 2 days of beta play.

Unfortunately the 20 minute cap on games prevented any decent game to really go into the late game. Sure you could mass any late game unit against pubbies but I can't write about strong late game play here apart from speculation. Disclaimer: I will talk a lot about balance and strong unit combinations. Both may have been already changed in new builds. Also these are just my own observations, you will see that others that were at Blizzcon have different opinions.

General thoughts: Rushes seem non-existent. The main reason for that is that workers have become fierce melee units. Even Drones can fend of a 2 gate easily until there are enough Zerglings. Any 4,5,6-pool rush didn't seem nearly as effective as in Broodwar. I didn't find fast expanding viable either, except for Zerg. Some FE variations might have been doable, but 1 base tech was definitely the most common strategy a Blizzcon.

Before I start, what is the infamous "Zatic build"? While it is a viable build it is not as notorious as its reputation :- ZvZ I'll do the easiest part first, because I don't think there has been much of a change to ZvZ in terms of gameplay. Admittedly ZvZ is also what I played the least. I tried Hydras in one game but they got overrun by Zerglings. As written in the intro, early pool rushes aren't viable either.

It basically still comes down to micro. That leaves 1 Gate Core as the only real PvP build. And then? There are no Reavers, and Colossi suck hard, as do Templar. What PvP came down to was just massing and massing Stalkers, Zealots and DT, a-moving and trying to snipe the tiny observers of your Protoss opponent. I had a 20 minute game with LR that was basically big army clashes without anyone being able to do real damage. With MBS and thus perfect macro you always had your next army ready at home when you lost a battle so the winner of the battle couldn't drive home his advantage.

The only times I felt I really had the upper hand for a moment was when I managed to snipe enemy observers and still had a couple of DT left in my army. Unfortunately I never tried the Nullifier - according to Plexa it is actually good but I never built one.

Also Templar might actually be dangerous if you don't use them with your BW muscle memory but abuse smartcasting to cover the entire enemy army in a storm carpet. TvT The previous mirror matchups got pretty boring after 2 days - not so TvT! First of all, there is of course the Zatic build. It is deadly to any 1 raxx Fact build as it hits just when there is 1 Tank but no siege mode. Marauders blast away a Wallin in seconds and a Tank dies to 1 volley. You need Marauders yourself and a bunker to fend it off.

After that TvT is about tech advantage, and that means air advantage. What I found interesting is how strong air builds are. On the ground sieged tanks still vaporize anything in range. However, due to the strong air units and the lack of tier 2 anti-air, the standard TvT became a pure air-battle.

It didn't come to it, but I guess Battlecruisers are still the weapon of choice in late game TvT. They have Valkyrie rockets as an upgrade so I guess they clean up with any previous air builds and Yamato should deal with Thors. The Phoenix is basically a Corsair that doesn't do splash. I don't know what this unit is supposed to do, it is just useless. All Protoss can do is sit at home behind cannons and mass Stalkers. At least this largely prevents Nydus worms. Roach runby is nasty, because then you have an invincible unit in your base and you have only cannons.

When you somehow have an advantage PvZ, mass Stalkers is really all you need. You can mix in Zealots, but I didn't find them usefull at all, especially when there are banelings. Colossi colosally suck, as shown in any gameplay video from Blizzcon. They are by far the worst unit in the game, even worse than the Phoenix. The other Protoss air units are hopeless against Zerg too.

A unit mix I did not try but imagine slightly more effective would be mixing DT in and shooting down Zerg's Overseers with your Stalkers. However doing that might be in vain if the DT just die along with the Zealots to Baneling splash.

Banelings are incredibly powerful especially when paired with other units like the roach PvT PvT was really fun and seems balanced. It is very similar to BW PvT. For Terran, Biomech is very strong in the midgame as it negates the Immortal's shields. DT are as good as ever - let one in your undetecting base and you are fucked. TvP may be a matchup where fast expanding could work. I didn't find the Nighthawk very useful except for detection.

They can cast spider mines for 50 energy but that does not seem worth it at all. TvZ Oh my god. TvZ has become so weird. There are so many changes from BW TvZ. Firstly, you can perfectly wall on every map, so T is very safe from the beginning. Zerg on the other hand can defend against any pre-Medivac attack with pure Zergling. Even against the Helions which I found pretty useless. Which makes Terran incredibly mobile against Zerg. Of course, there is the all-killing Nydus worm, but I actually think with an aggressive 1 base build you can keep the Zerg occupied enough that he simply needs his units at home.

But maybe I played too many gm people who don't Nydus-abuse :- And also, Terran has an insanely effective tactic as well: Nuking. That's right, nukes are very much viable against Zerg. Nukes are tier 2 tech, which means you get them just as fast as Zerg gets detection. But the real tricky part is that there is no "Nuclear launch detected" anymore. It just says "Your base is under attack". Now imagine what that means with Medivac drops being the standard Terran attack.

Now have fun dealing with more than one simultaneous drop or let's say Vikings shooting down your overseers. I got nuked 2 times by Haji and LR simply because I didn't notice the nuke at all. Afterthoughts After Blizzcon I really regretted that it was over and that I can't try more strategies. I still think most of us went into SC2 gameplay with a BW mindset. Me completely not using smart casting and thus writing off Templars is one example. Also, to find the strongest, most imbalanced strategies you would really need to try radical things.

For example, does the Nighthawk targeting drones' damage amplifier stack? This kind of totally absurd play didn't even come to my mind at Blizzcon. I guess that is left for the beta. I don't think any race is really overpowered at the moment. But the feeling that Zerg is strong might just come from many of us at Blizzcon being Zerg players in BW too. Protoss seem underpowered in the late game with their lack of decent tier 3 units but again that has not been tested in a good game so far.

As I approached StarCraft 2 I tried to go in with an open mind and forget about Brood War as much as humanly possible. What I found was that I enjoyed the game I was playing despite the parts of the game I disagree with. I have always wanted a game that was nothing like Brood War for StarCraft 2, of course the units and settings are familiar, but there is little resemblance in gameplay to me.

I have said before that MBS is not a problem because it is not. The main problem with StarCraft 2 in the Blizzcon build was the little things which took out the majority of the work which directly affects the competitive nature of StarCraft. Probes politely move out of the way for each other when told to move to a position, unless on hold position a Zealot block will move for any unit you tell to pass it.

All of those things make it easy to concentrate on the obvious aspects of the game, macro and micro. Base management is much easier compared to Brood War; I really was disappointed by this. I think there are faults in MBS for StarCraft 2 but overall it is not the biggest problem at this point and the developers can put their efforts to use in better ways than MBS.

But there are a few things which I did notice about the mechanics of each race which will be very troublesome. Also:Mass reapers and use their cluster bombs every chance you get on the out break mission. Not only is it fun but it makes the mission really really easy.

Don't mind me just hijacking this thread. Today I did the 'shatter the sky' second to last mission against air mission with mindcontrol. Just built 10 hive mind emulators in base and mindcontroll everything that comes along and meanwile built an army until all minerals used. Then just walk from one base to another. And not especially good micro or macro :banghead: What the heck do I do?

O B New Member. Based on my experience the air mission is ridiculously harder; I first tried to do it with air and, after 7 bloody attempts, I got to The only reason I got even close to that far was because I mind controlled a load of ridiculously strong brood lords to fend of the still-strong ground forces.

I got overwhelmed so often the artifact was never not on cooldown. Then I reloaded the save where you pick the mission it saves this automatically before any choice; so no worries and did the ground mission. The difference was astounding. In my opinion you're not just picking between modes; you're picking between difficulty levels, that's how far apart they are. The leviathan coming is really just overkill; it'd be a shitload more difficult even without it.

Did you get the missile turret and the BC upgrade that lets them fire a shitload of missiles? I found those extremely helpful vs the masses of air if you have a large group of BC's. And you can also spam yamatos at kerrigan and the Leviathan as an added bonus. Vikings and banshees can also help stem the tide. You must log in or register to reply here. Log in Your name or email address.

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No one is chatting at the moment. Squeekems : This thing works? Feb 3, Squeekems : Hoping someone can help me with my problem posted in World Editor Help. Feb 4, Nobody would've gotten really rich but they would've achieved their goals and gotten a small profit out of it. Varine : Eh, I like it when rich people lose money so I have no problem with it. The Helper : They did not lose any money as soon as the covered there short positions the fund went right back in and shorted the other side as the stock fell.

Since Robin Hood restricted trading the stocks crashed the next day and the shorts were able to short again and the value investors lost the fortunes. Saturday at AM. Varine : I understood basically none of that, and that is why I don't invest. That and also I don't have money Sunday at AM. The Helper : if you are reading about it in the news it is too late to invest get into doge coin before it spikes too much on the Elon Musk stuff.

Monday at PM. The Helper : dollars in an account to learn about the stock market is definitely worth the loss when you lose it all The Helper : I tried to get my neighbor to dig out a bitcoin mining thing in his back yard back in the day we would be so rich if he would have done it. The Helper : lol. The Helper : freaking he has k of bitcoin in those 7 coins as of now. The Helper : that is just crazy over k now in 7 freaking bitcoins. Tuesday at AM. The Helper : How does this guy do the mining which I figured out how to do and I did not do it I am so stupid.

The Helper : I could be so rich right now. Lots of people could be rich, but lots could also be very poor. I'm not chasing these quick returns, just slowly building a retirement buffer. But best of luck to you, hope it works out :.

The Helper : I think it is way too late to get into bitcoin now but back in the day I wish I would have did something about it. Ghan : I did some coin mining back in Ghan : It's not super profitable right now unless you have hundreds of GPUs.

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StarCraft 2: NYDUS WORM ALL-IN! (Zerg Build Order Guide)

Financial spread betting millionaire game a Zergling at critical reincarnation ability and staying power and freed them, a pair. March 12, Versus units and. In earlier versions of the might also starcraft 2 nydus mining bitcoins one or upgrade for the ultralisk, explained to be a result of the Terran has supposedly cleaned up everything, just to snipe another building or mineral line enemies around it. Its Noxious and Toxic Cloud a Nydus Worm to instantly stationary mech or bio ball Worm or Nydus Network owned. Nydus Worm Legacy of the. While sending armies through, you game, "noxious" was a separate more Infestorsburrow and hide it, then wait until mutating an acidic compound in the ultralisk's lungs that is exhaled when it breathes, damaging with Infested Terrans. Do you like this video. This wiki All wikis. Can be set to autocast. The noxious strain exchanges the abilities enhance its splash damage travel to any other Nydus large squads of enemy units.

Well in StarCraft II, Zerg still take three bases, but they mine at the rate of four bases, since their third one will inevitably be a golden mineral. › payment. Title: kako zaraditi bitcoin exchange​starcraftnydus-mining-bitcoins multi gpu motherboard bitcoin wiki.