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Life on the line sports betting documentary on scientology cricket betting odds

Life on the line sports betting documentary on scientology

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Petersburg Times series revealed a host of former high-level executives who shared their stories. Now, it seems, Scientology's greatest blessings — its celebrity followers and devoted lifers — have become their biggest liability. But how far back do the defections go? Here, 10 people whose lives revolved around Scientology —then made the conscious decision to leave.

Newswire Powered by. Close the menu. Rolling Stone. Log In. To help keep your account secure, please log-in again. You are no longer onsite at your organization. Sheesh even a perusal of as poor and watered down a source as Wikipedia could improve your knowledge bank on this term from the sound of it. And yes I meant that the comments made by Cooper about Travolta here were hateful.

They were not even superficially softened down to the level of such things as predictions and speculations as were the comments in the article about Tom Cruise. The comments about Travolta were just downright hate-filled. What did she say that would fit that criteria? Rather than addressing criticisms, you resort to personal attacks. How many names have you mangled? Are you going soft now?

Pee Cooper is totally classless and venomous. She is hate-filled across the boards. She was performing for the bunkerbutts. She takes every pot shot she can. She is so Narcissist she think Scientology is preoccupied with her to the point she believes they sent me here to find you the false name she used when she alleged went into a church a started a course.

She hated the Church from the get-go. She is unable to be objective. She discredits herself and all her claims. Thinking people read about Paulette Cooper and Understand who she is. Mindless people like you insult her at your own detriment because it makes even more people hate Scientology and everything it stands for the just based on the juvenile, crude, and embarrassing behavior exhibited here by you as a Scientologist.

No one has yet to point me to a Scientology member written and published book that paints the Lafayettes in a good light? Scientology Books from happy members: 0. Thanks for the comic relief on that one. Take that, bunker Brown Shirts. I love how elle thinks misrepresenting arguments by scientology critics will make any impact of any kind.

I have NEVER seen the claim that Cruise movies are successful because of scilons being forced to see them—even the cult is not that cruel. Nor have I ever seen claims for your other straw man, that there are only scilons. Although there is no doubt that is a lot closer by orders of magnitude to the actual number of cult members than the 12 million that was claimed so much albeit not lately; the claims have become a lot more vague since proven as the lies that they are.

You are such a wet blanket. This may be humorous unless it comes from someone with no sense who routinely distorts or makes up arguments. But THIS? Though it does include some wackiness about psychology. It does however, prove the church is just as obsessed with Paulette as ever though. Of course they are. Mentioning her name is enough to guarantee a vitriolic response.

Throw in Lisa McPherson and the yapping becomes unstoppable. To each his own…. It would be a lonely world if either art or any of its subbranches were in the eye of the beholder. You caught me there! I saw the picture, and got caught up in the enthusiasm of it all. So, out came the wet blanket. I hear it comes out on Blu-ray and DVD soon anyway. Or maybe I can still find it in theaters.

Was it that part with Cruise hanging off the side of the airplane that threw you into so much turmoil about your sexuality? Or was it some other part? Yes, you should definitely go and enjoy the picture. You may want to go quickly before it comes up in a sec check! Might as well go with it; one way or another, your money will wind up in the hands of scientologists anyway. After all the damage that couch jumping did to his career, this sounds like an even more alarming stunt.

That makes two of us. Tom hanging off a plane or a sofa or some such thing was news to me—until you told me. I saw Bond do that plane, not sofa decades ago; been there, done that…. I thought spoiler meant giving away the climax or some other important plot development. I doubt the segment of a preview out of the corner of my eye I saw one day a couple months ago is a spoiler.

No, I never claimed that I saw it. Watching middle-aged men hanging off of sofas or planes, for that matter. Not really my thing. After all, they have to save Tom for the sequel. This is not the thread in which I posted a picture of Tom Cruise and nobody can read your mind. Or every time you call someone a name in order to distract from having been caught out in one of those lies? You have my word. I caught him in many untruths but have yet got his My Bad. He twists it into something else and blames me in some convoluted logic.

Sure you have—in your wildest dreams. I blame the cult! OK, your bad! I really did not mean to gloat about your inability to make out simple context. But, you insisted…. I will never tell anyone and they will never know because they have no way of viewing the landscape. Wink wink. I sit in quiet admiration of the strange and beautiful relationship that you and Bob have with each other. You have to give fettle a break.

Not having matured emotionally all that much since kindergarten cults will do that to you , she is terrified of her own feelings. She also gets jealous easily. Whenever I talk to someone else particularly elle , she has to butt in.

Or talk to them about me, in hopes of making me jealous. So she covers up, using the only defense she knows. And as a lesser stand-in, Tom Cruise will just have to do for the time being. The idea of somehow making a Cruise movie flop through a boycott is probably absurd. Then again, I applaud people principled enough to not give their money to someone who stands for reprehensible things. Regardless of this outcome, their integrity counts.

Everyone loved his couch jumping. And more people than you will admit agreed with him about psychs. As for giving money to people who do reprehensible things, I would never donate to Wrathbuns, or Rinder, or Ortega—which have that donate button?

Did anyone take him up on the free remedy auditing he offered where you could pay what you wanted to after it was over. He even had a payment plan. How much did he make on that? No matter how many women would have loved to prove their love of it, they know the laws against that kind of thing are there for good reason. He has woken up and realized that LRH and scientology is scam.

Calling her petty names though…seriously? How old are you elle? Again, you and fine fettle show your true colors for the world to see what fine examples you are of fine, upstanding, compassionate, caring and wonderful scientologists. Lastly, as for everybody loving Tom Cruise jumping on a couch…yeah, right. That moment is when the world at large began to question his sanity. His fan base has done nothing but shrink in the past decade. Why not? He was going to make millions of OTs and that would force the Church to reform.

So when he was not flooded with people throwing money at him, he had an epiphany—no one wanted his knock-off junk. Obvious to all, he was trying to scam people. No, it was just that no one outside the organization really believes in the gobbledygook Hubbard wrote. Wishful thinking perhaps but absolute balderdash.

Your statements reek of small minded peevish prejudice. New ideas are always resisted by vested interests including the media but eventually they take hold. Gosh, you guys are dense. Sure, there might be a handful of people outside your organization that will pick up a Hubbard book and find the bunk in it interesting.

Scientology is very much a reality, you are correct, for the 25, or so people who bought in. The other couple billion, not so much. Relatively small numbers of early adopters usually see the benefit of something prior to mass acceptance of it. Scientology is a major innovation which makes the I-phone look like a gob-stopper. How do you explain that religious surveys have shown a steady decline in your membership over the years?

More people consider themselves Jedis than Scientologists. This is a powerful statistic. It is not bringing people to you, however; it seems to be pushing them away. There are millions of scientologists out there. Once things are better aligned it will start to become apparent what the real numbers will look like.

New things take time and effort to catch on. What can your organization do now to convince them they should return or join up? Surely, such bald-faced lies do nothing to make this a more attractive endeavor? What else are they lying about? Maybe you could put your untapped genius to work in trying to solve that problem instead of inventing non-existent ones on discussions like this.

You can quote me on that. All indicators point to the fact that there are less than 50k scientologists world-wide. Furthermore, there is NO reason to believe that this number is headed anywhere but down. Just ask yourself one simple question, how many Scientologists attend important church events? Less than 5, people, and I am being very generous here because it is usually somewhere around people just enough to fit in a theater or auditorium.

If there are 12 million Scientologist worldwide, this would be the worst attendance record for any religion in the world. The truth is, there are less that 50, Scientologists worldwide and some of them are not even active members anymore. Throughout history, small groups and determined individuals have been the only makers of space in which man can walk free.

Think about it. The numbers will rise as sure as the sun rises. The odds of the sun rising are pretty good. Any minute now the millions out there will get it. Just one minor detail, Scientology has been at it since the late s and yet no progress has been made. Here is a good book for you to read to find out why.

How long did it take for Christianity to become accepted in the Roman Empire? But look at what happened when people finally adopted it. It requires a paradigm shift in peoples thinking. It requires that old ideologies debunk themselves and slowly atrophy. Scientology will never become like the Catholic Church because it is charges money for everything and it is built on a foundation of lies. Ask yourself, how many wives did Hubbard have.

Was Hubbard ever a great husband or father? What are you smoking? Do you realize how much money the Catholic Church pulled in from tithes and other systems? It controlled the economy of Europe for hundreds of years. Their holdings are in the hundreds of billions of dollars even now. Something called truth and a dose of reality.

Come back to me when Scientology clears they City of Clearwater if you are still alive by then, then we can talk about how it will clear Florida. Forget about the rest of the world. It will never happen, it is all imaginary. You have wasted your entire life doing nothing. Everything you have gained in Scientology you could have gained without Scientology. How many non Scientologists do you see out here who are very successful and prospering without Scientology?

That kind of attitude is not going to improve anything. I am just telling you the truth. Scientology cannot and will never be able to clear the planet because it is physically and practically impossible. Hubbard was a fiction writer, he came up with some very believable fictions, unfortunately people like you believe in his fictions.

Do you think Scientology is making any progress in the middle east? Wrong but you misunderstand the concept of clearing a planet. In the crop was highest ever by far. Holy crap for 8 billion you could irrigate the whole country and decimate the opium production permanently.

A small amount of sanity goes an awful long way these days. I wonder who is financially prospering from the Middle East conflict? Lots of money in destruction. My goodness, Waterhorse. These people have you running around the hamster wheel thinking you are actually doing something that is changing the world. Scientology is not even making a small dent in creating a civilization without war, criminals, or insanity. If anything it is getting even worse.

All you have to do is look around you. Scientology is a Total failure. A fraud of a religion only interested in milking money from the able. Hubbard has been widely unmasked as a fraud. You tend to ask from time to time. What are you going on about.

What does that have to do with tithes? Communion needs to be prepaid, no refunds. That does not diminish their importance or give him credibility just because his lies are a few years old! NO — you need to study history in the middle ages. You have it all wrong. Also — Jesus was just a carpenter — uneducated. Sure it does…. Certainly his discourses give the appearance that he knew quite a lot about the things he talked about.

With educational drop-outs like Hubbard and Miscavige, the opposite is readily apparent! Ask yourself if you have ever known anything about anything you have ever blathered about. The answer is no. It sounds positively regressive! Out with the old and in with the new. Or out with the outmoded I should say and in with the new and improved.

Progress can be chaotic but it is needed — sorely needed. As in immersing oneself in a doctrinaire and repressive Cold War environment? Where is the progress in a culture that is committed to statically eating up and obeying the gibberish of a long gone dilettante. Psychiatry is a moldy outmoded relic of 19th century ignorance and warmongering.

It is time for a change of the guard — and ignorance must fall by the wayside to make way for real knowledge. Your broad and unsubstantiated statement about an entire science does not reveal any knowledge or intelligence on your part. It simply reveals your dogmatism and ignorance. He was simply cribbing from a popular psychology text.

Psychiatry has attacked Scientology from day one. Even though Scn never was intended to address the insane directly. It was directed to more rational individuals who wanted mental improvement. When dianetics first came out, it was widely panned in the scientific community. It scientology that is fixated on it and fighting imaginary battles with it.

For an unbiased observer, it appears that psychiatry has largely ignored scientology. It is true that when dianetics was first released in , it was reviewed by people who were, unlike Hubbard, qualified mental health professionals. They came to the inevitable conclusion: That dianetics had no empirical basis, was full of grand claims and did not deserve to be taken seriously. This conclusion did not require a medical degree or membership in the APA; common sense sufficed!

Other than that, the psychiatric profession and the pharma industry have simply ignored scientology. While I can find evidence of scientology having spent millions to smear psychiatry such as that silly museum in Hollywood , I find NO evidence that psychiatry has done anything similar. Can you please provide evidence of these alleged attacks on scientology?

I must conclude that Scientology is beyond your range of awareness or understanding and you should definitely NOT partake in it at this time. Sure, YOU make the paranoid and idiotic comment. How did you figure that out? Is it that my BS meter is too sensitive to make it in your cult? You made the claim; now back it up! The golden years are already on. Just look at how fast the cult is shrinking. It is time for a change of the guard — and fraud must fall by the wayside to make way for real knowledge.

You have too limited a view on society. Look at the history of the Roman Catholic Church as a comparison. Look at the time it took to get accepted and the effect and influence it had on huge numbers of people — not all good influences but still a great influence. Open thine eyes and have an epiphany! Comparing the scientology cult to the RCC.

But Madonna can sing — sort of. Big Deal. The RCC has been reviled soundly for many things and has been forced to reform and recant a number of times. It is big and powerful and very wealthy. It professes a virgin birth which has not been authenticated and other miracles which may be true but are impossible to prove. Is that a big deal? Not really. Stop the silliness right now! Over the years, the RCC has owned up to many of its past and present bad actions. It may not have happened easily and it may not have been pretty, but it has taken at least some responsibility indulgences, molestation, etc.

Scientology has taken no responsibility for any of its actions. In fact, it sues the very people it has already treated terribly. It hides behind front groups such as Narconon to lure people in. The argument about keeping scriptures secret is not valid.

That makes your organization a money-making company, a self-help business, not a religion. Major religions of the world do not try to hide their scriptures. Plus governments have all kinds of confidential info and they are not profit making groups. I read it. I thought it was a sick joke. Happily alive and calling him a liar. Cat White and Lisa McPherson come to mind. I think the ever mercenary Hubbard simply did not want people to get a FREE peek, let alone conclude that this is all BS not worth paying for.

Since Hubbard could NOT possibly be wrong about such a serious point, any fatalities you know of? In modern times, the RCC authenticates miracles in order for them to be called miracles officially. Has to be before and after scientific evidence. There is not high volume official miracles. However, among the rank and file parishioners, there are many—in the millions over the years.

A family from my old neighborhood had a child diagnosed by two medical doctors with leukemia. The mother made a Novena. Next trip to the doc, the leukemia disappeared. Of course, the miscreants here would ridicule this, but the family knows it was a miracle. Miracles do occur in various ways all the time as far as I can see. Even when tested, like praying for people or plants and having measurable improvements, the doubters will doubt or rage.

But the purpose has never been to convince them of miracles, or of wins. That is something for the individual to experience and decide. And pray for others—are you kidding me! So your whole example here is really null and void. In scientology terms, it does not compute! Stop trying to conflate scientology with respectable, credible religions who actually exercise benevolence!

We have knowledge, information and technology today to guide us. We can, with the click of a button, find out about the abuses your organization perpetrates and perpetuates. See, this is why Dianetics and Scientology were most popular in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s — before the Internet.

Stop the cheesy rhetoric. People were actually very well connected then — and many were smarter than people are today. They had a sophisticated communication system but the only difference was it was slower — so what! There was lots of time then and no traffic to fight. But there were many things about the RCC which were good and that kept the society from fighting amongst itself and destroying itself.

So every angel has two faces. Which one is dominant is what you need to figure out. You are missing the importances of this area of religion entirely. Bone up! You claim people were smarter thousands of years ago and had better communications systems? Let me guess, you know this because, during auditing, you discovered in one of your past lives you were an Egyptian letter carrier or something.

Back then, people listened to others talk, and then told others what they heard. Ever play that game Telephone when you were little? Ever hear of the printing press?? They had newspapers. Even prior to they used writing and couriers and posted things on public boards. Plus people actually communicated directly to each other then — more than today if you really look at it.

Why do you think they had the Reformation in Europe? Thick as a brick, you are. You and I are clearly talking about different times. Christianity and Catholicism was over a thousand years old by the s, so, I think it was already pretty well established. As it stands, with the dwindling membership, you will be lucky to make it to This was also the period of the Inquisition. They had printing and distribution occurring then.

What do you think the Reformation was all about? Ever hear about a telephone — or the MAIL? Or a newspaper? Go Fish. Your arguments are as substantial as turtle soup. That trick only works on the really gullible ones. Miscavige is already taking care of them. You have to temper your awareness with understanding what has gone on in earlier times.

History repeats itself endlessly but only if you view the bigger picture. At one time — or many times the RCC was regarded as a ragtag bunch of weirdos and later as a large corrupt bunch of authoritarians. Then they came back into favor — now they are still very popular for many reasons.

Scientology will face a similar destiny — like it or not. Look, I get that you are really jazzed about Scientology and you want to think that LRH had the answers to the universe. You can think you are infested with alien spirits that only auditing can rid you of.

Fighting with you about what is the best method of communication and when communication was at its height is pointless. Christianity counts 2. According to a study, the RCC gained 15 million members in the calendar year. Is Scientology growing at that rate? Do you really believe your organization will ever see a year of growth like that? Also, please remember that your main recruitment tools are faux rehab facilities and rigged personality tests, and the biggest goals of your organization are badmouthing psychiatrists and buying buildings.

Small groups and determined individuals created the RCC. Small groups and determined individuals created Scientology. Basically people know they are spiritual beings and support that concept. It must reform totally or face extinction. Not that you offer any evidence.

But even if you WERE right, you should really tell your whole story. Namely that psychiatry ought to be replaced with scientology. Think of all the people who have died from scientology quackery in Narconon alone. You keep repeating this with the zeal of the true believer. All because your head has been filled with all the scientology cult nonsense. Of course, you are not really telling the truth here. Scientology does NOT believe that psychiatry must reform.

Instead, it believes that psychiatry must be replaced with the teachings of L Ron Hubbard. Hubbard was unable to pass one single basic science class. He flunked out after his freshman year 2. Hubbard was an impostor who would refer to himself by all kinds of academic titles—none of which he ever earned 3.

Demonstrably, he copied from Freud, although he clearly did not understand him very well and plagiarized ideas that Freud had already abandoned. Which is understandable. The reason why all you culties are having a very difficult time with the world is that Hubbard never predicted the shit storm that the internet would unleash on collective cult mind that is Scientology.

You as a Scientologist fight every battle with an insidious and chronic case of glaucoma. It is almost unfair to argue with you as you will always be at a disadvantage. It would be akin to a farmer me telling a pig you its breath smells like shit. Scientology seems to be one of the leading causes of blindness and cognitive dissonance. Perhaps it is time to start working on your public relations.

This is the problem that we as Scientologists face in many instances of this type. Frustrating till you understand the level of awareness you are dealing with. My level of awareness includes knowing that whatever you have to offer—no one in their right mind is buying anymore. To the other 7 billion of us? Not so much! You have hit on why we had the crucial and long project of locating, verifying, restoring, and preserving the precise writings of LRH, and then storing it securely.

It is a very good and comforting thing. He also speaks well of AA in two places. Cool, huh? Still cool? Exactly the point. People got tired of immorality running the society down and messing up the culture so they gladly embraced something that held a few standards. Pretty good standards too as they hold up even today to a large degree judging by the popularity of the RCC.

Just curious — who is AA? Alcoholics Anonymous. The original program as found in the the Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous is the title is excellent. It has been ripped off by psychs who altered and spun it. But the more purely the book is followed, the more perfectly you can make it work for you. Because Ron hates psychs. They have almost NO real public support. Billions of dollars required to keep their scam going strong.

Your post really demonstrates nothing but bigotry. You hate them, you call them names, you judge them and yet this is clearly based on no information. I wonder how you talk about blacks, gays or Catholics. Actually, no need to embarrass yourself by telling me; I have a pretty good idea. I think the pot is calling the kettle black there. There are no facts to support that governments are backing off supporting psychiatry, regulating the profession for abuses or malpractice or anything else along those lines—in not even ONE developed country.

No facts, that there is a dwindling number of medical professionals entering that profession. So what facts do YOU have? There is rapidly growing discontent among tax payers who wish to no longer financially support a rapaciously greedy and exploitative cult such as scientology. However, I have yet to find petitions to de-fund psychiatry or public outrage that our tax dollars support psychiatric research. Did that lead to a public outcry that psychiatry needs to stop.

Or did that lead to a PR disaster for Tom? I think we all know the answer to that one. His own studio bosses dumped him in embarrassment! Like every science, psychiatry is imperfect and evolving. It offers perfect certainty. As well as the idea that all answers lie with one guy only and must be obtained at extortionate prices. Curiously, from an organization that claims to want to save the planet but which seems seems to be a lot more about looting the wallets of the planet. Was this article aimed at discrediting psychiatry?

If so, once again—major fail. An article published in a Naturopathic newsletter fails to meet any credible reference standards. Are you familiar with academic standards? So do you see above? I think you do have a serious case of denial. The article is totally accurate. I could care less where he got his PhD from frankly. Psychs are on borrowed time at this point. You are so gullible! Hubbard got his either?

Let me assure you, it matters! Why would a guy who did not even make it through his first semester without failing across the board later pretend that he had achieved several academic qualifications. Narrow mindedness is all for you. That is preposterous. Steve Jobs never lied and claimed that we should listen to him because he has a degree.

Nor did he ever pretend that he alone had engineered the iPhone. Null uses questionable degrees to pretend that he has credibility that he does not possess. I did NOT say that people without degrees have nothing to contribute. The whole destructive pseudo-science called psychiatry is a lie. A lie that has undermined education, health care, the legal system, and drug rehab for decades. It must recant and eat crow. I know there are a few tinfoilers in the scientology cult who think that.

But I have to inform you, this puts you way off to the edges of even the lunatic fringe. So you just make up stuff, you always have. Waterhorse gives you the straight scoop, and you come back with lies. Speaking of lies: Since reading and comprehension is clearly not your strong suit what is it with extremist cults and their aversion to education anyway?

Unlike Hubbard, he never lied, and pretended that he had acquired all kinds of imaginary degrees. If our roles were reversed, I would now accuse you of willful lying and lecture you about how you always do. Not wanting to sink to the cult m. The degree of your credibility and the intelligence of your posts or absence thereof speak for themselves.

L Ron Hubbard did not have a college degree either except the ones from his own bogus college. Time for you to correct your post as all it does is demonstrate that you are incapable of reading fairly straightforward posts and NOT lie about them. Pretty pathetic, coming from a cult that brags about its communications courses! He is a guy of extremely murky qualifications. A bit like Hubbard when it comes to titles although the Hubb was far less qualified. He bills himself as a nutritionist and has sold all kinds of dubious supplements over the years—not an area famous for its great ethics and firm grip on science.

Are you truly THAT gullible? If nothing else, this shows how desperate scientologists are when it comes to defending their quacky views! He made that perfectly clear in conversations with numerous individuals. No wonder that scientology is so ruthlessly robbing people of their entire financial possessions! Or give confession. Imagine them secretly taping inside the confession booth and distributing a tape to others, or making it public if you decide to leave the church.

Speaking of leaving: If you do, your spouse will be ordered to divorce you and your closest family will be required to break off contact. Lets get all the 8 year olds on Ritalin and other class 2 narcotics and ADHD drugs for a theoretical disease. Why spray it in the air when you can just convince the parents to shove it down their throats?

My suggestion is you will likely need a psychogeriatric consult in the very near future as your delusions progress into dementia. I hope you at least have medical coverage via Scientology. Abuse is abuse, whether you are an incompetent psychiatrist or ignorant scientologist.

I will fight both. Every year they add a new profit centre to their toolkit. I often Imagine a group of individuals being coerced into taking all these very expensive big pharma courses and buying all these big pharma textbooks in the hopes of furthering themselves. The Big Pharma company then creates an elite organization reserved only for the most compliant employees to do work across the world.

This is a volunteer organization within Big Pharma though; members are not paid. Big Pharma sets up and buys buildings all over the world from which to offer its expensive courses and continue to dole out medication at all costs. If the building employees are working in, falls into disrepair, it is up to the employees to pool together and raise money to repair it; often paying out of their own pockets.

Big Pharma applauds efforts of its organizations by asking them to raise even more money to increase the rate of expansion across the world. The more money that is raised, the better the particular organization appears to be functioning in the eyes of the Big Pharma leader. Big Pharma leader, tells its employees that they need to do more to spread the Big Pharma message across the universe and must now re-do some the courses.

Courses, of course are paid for by the employee. Big pharma then recruits members into its organization by attending large gatherings and sitting outside in public handing out big pharma information. The public is then psychoanalized and told that their problems could better be solved by taking a very inexpensive pharma course. Try it if you like it, sort of thing. Big pharma then tells an interested member of the pubic that they need to continue taking courses only offered by them in order to be a good citizen.

Fear not though because Big Pharma has a way you can pay these courses off, you can work for Big Pharma. You enthusiastically enlist. The other thing Big Pharma forces its employees to do is buy textbooks only published by its own presses. It must remain the only published source of information for all its employees, no questions asked.

Big Pharma spends millions of dollars of its employees wages to combat allegations against it. The company is taken to court on many occasions and a lot of its secretive doctrine is leaked to the public via court documents. Attack any individual speaking out against it. The employees are told to avoid this information and critics talking bad against it because this negative information is harmful and will push you back in Big Pharma training.

You have to repeat courses again until you get it right, at your own cost. It tells its employees that if their families are not in agreement of their doctrine that they should no longer be part of their life. Even if a friend speaks out about supposed psychiatric abuses, the friend is no longer spoken to and ties are cut off as well. If an employee is found to be Out-Pharma Ethics, Big pharma then responds by questioning the employee until they break down. I will join you in the fight against Big Pharma!

Perhaps a boatload of class 2 narcotics and a few types of anti-depressants will get me through the Christmas holidays in fine fettle! Happy Holidays! I must have psychiatric disorder because psychiatry makes no sense to me. Check my comments in my profile. There are a couple you might find interesting although they are addressed to Blob Grinch and gang. Other than their childishness, you reply to comments that people never made. Your prerogative, of course. Enjoy your narcotics and psychotropics dear Waterhorse.

Down with Big Pharma eh? And this somehow supports that ALL of psychiatry is bogus? Even more unlikely: How does this demonstrate that a clueless dilettante like Hubbard had ALL the insights about the human mind? How do you know that? Do you have ANY medical or public health qualification? Or are you just saying this because the scientology cult tells you to? You know that, right? Why spray it in the air when you can just shove it down their throats?

Hence, information presented may not be proven or factually correct. Confidence inspiring? Also on the quackwatch watchlist is Mr. Null, the author of the article you reference. He lists himself as PhD. Now, I am not saying that it necessarily requires a PhD to be able to disseminate useful information.

However, someone who inflates their academic achievements—in other words deceives—says a lot about their character and nullifies their credibility. You wonder what such a person—such as Hubbard or Null—is trying to hide! THIS is it! Published in every medical journal from coast to coast and advertised on TV! Back to class kids. And your point? Because your cult leader told you to. Because he has been the laughing stock of every serious professional since he claimed to be the first and only one to understand the human mind.

So you keep raging. And you offer no alternative. Scientoloy does nothing to help people with disabilities, other than relieve them of the burden of their bank account. Lisa McPherson, Cathriona White, and many others attest to that. First off, there is nothing new about it. The recognition and research of dyscalculia goes back to Second, you make it sound as if the remedy to dyscalculia is the automatic and thoughtless drugging of the sufferer.

This is FAR from the truth! Many web sites outline a long list of remedies, none of which include drugging. The preferred treatment methods are typically behavioral; they involve special education methods to address such a learning deficit. Again, I fail to see where customizing education methods to special needs is anything but positive.

So where is his answer to mathematical learning disabilities? Why are we even having this discussion? You are hating an entire profession because Hubbard told you to. And without really knowing any of them. You do so indiscriminately and obediently. Fine, knock yourself out! But know this: The moment someone asks you any questions about your beliefs, you will always be revealed as a bigoted, ignorant mouth breather.

But scientology initiative led to its defeat in House and Senate. Miscavige offered proof. Of course, he never delivered it! Because he lied about the whole thing! Then Dr. Cruise gives women health advice for a female affliction! Is joining this club of ignorance, bigotry, fear and hatred truly the best you can do?

Your posts make it abundantly clear that when it comes to this subject, you do not have even the faintest idea what you are talking about.

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Through those interviews, we get the opportunity to see what led to the success that those players had in their career. Besides that, we also get to see them in not so great moments or when they lost a lot of money playing online poker. These players also talk about the development of online poker and what does it mean for them and whether or not they consider that they might have a gambling addiction.

They are also talking about their high stakes and what does it mean for a player the opportunity to place high stakes. Vice World of Sports: The Line is one of the most interesting documentaries about sports betting and gambling in general about this industry in the United States. Those who are not aware sports betting as well as gambling, in general, is illegal in huge part of the United States. This documentary explores the reasons why authorities have made gambling illegal and what could be the consequences of gambling addiction.

Besides that, it also reveals the background of sports betting and how sports betting is provided by sides from all over the world. This documentary also explores some of the biggest sports betting scandals in the United States and the effects those scandals had on match-fixing and sports betting in the country.

When it comes to those scandals, the biggest question was whether or not those who were involved have committed any illegal action or was everything that they were doing legal. This documentary goes in-depth about this issue and tries to uncover the truth behind the sports betting and match-fixing in the United States. Las Vegas is one of the biggest entertainment centers in the world and because of that, it is no wonder that it will also be a center of criminal activities.

One of the biggest problems that Las Vegas faces is the problem of drug use and drug distribution. Parts of Las Vegas are not as glamorous as it might seem to some visitors and people who live there have lost everything and they have taken on thedrug as the treatment for their suffering. This documentary investigates the connection between drug abuse and the gambling industry.

Millions of people visit Las Vegas annually and that is agreat opportunity for drug dealers to sell more drugs. Gamblers who are very passionate about their vacations and gamblers who are struggling with their gambling addiction might be looking for a way to spend more time in the casinos and drug dealers are known to use their weaknesses to sell them different kinds of drugs.

The Gambling Mafia and International Sports Betting is a revolutionary insight into the world of sports as it reveals the match-fixing scheme is some of the biggest football competitions in the world. It clearly lists the games that were fixed for the betting profit of syndicates from Asia and other parts of the world.

It also reveals the way in which those matches are fixed and what it takes to consider a player a bigger number of players to throw a match. Throughout this documentary, the creator is investigating whether or not sports betting manipulation are legal and what might be the consequences for match-fixing. Alex Luneau and SebastienSabic are two French online poker players who have managed to win millions playing this game.

For a certain period of time, both of them were professional poker players and their main goal was to win the World Series of Poker. Nosebleed is a documentary that follows these two players on their path to Las Vegas where they were attempting to win the title at the World Series of Poker. However, this documentary provides a much more detailed insight into the mind of players who are preparing for the biggest poker tournament in the world.

Besides that, we also follow these two players through several weeks of tournament and we have the opportunity to see how playing poker constantly in such an important tournament affects people. This documentary is also an insight into the relationship between these two players in a sense that they have helped each other in their career many times. Because of that, since then these two players play together and they are playing online poker together helping each other to win as many matches as possible.

Back in the days, Las Vegas was run by mafia families who mostly came from Chicago. This documentary tries to find the answers to the question whether or not those families are still controlling gambling industry in this city. The influence of mafia families in Las Vegas has been evident for more than 80 years as these families managed to lobby the legislation that allowed gambling in Las Vegas and in the entire state of Nevada. Over the years, Las Vegas has witnessed many murders that were related to the gambling industry and this documentary takes a look at those murders in order to find out whether or not mafia families were responsible for those murders.

This documentary follows these four bettors in their lives and it explores how they place their bets, how much they have won and how much they have lost while betting, as well as the consequences that betting had on their lives and their families. This documentary provides an insight into the weakest and the darkest moments in the lives of these four bettors. It reveals what kind of struggle these players go through when they face losses and their ability or better say their inability to cope and fight against their gambling addiction.

According to some reports, the reasons why he committed suicide were the debts that he was unable to repay. Currently, the biggest gambling center in the world is Macau and in the last 10 years, gambling industry in this city has been flourishing and developing incredibly quickly.

High Roller High Risk is a documentary that investigates the involvement of organized crime groups and mafia in the gambling industry in this group. It is not a secret that Chinese triads have been involved or even controlling the gambling industry in this city for a long time.

This documentary provides evidence that proves that some of the most important figures in Chinese triads have been controlling the gambling industry in Macau. Before the s, poker was a game that was reserved for dark rooms of underground gambling sites or halls of the casinos in Las Vegas and other cities around the world. However, with the turn of the millennium, poker became widely popular and in a very short period of time, it became a part of the mainstream popular culture.

The All in: The Poker Movie explores this revolution in the gambling industry and the reasons why poker became so popular. This documentary tries to understand the reason that made poker the most popular gambling or casino game in theentire world. When it comes to sports betting, Jimmy Snyder is one of the most important people as well as one of the most popular oddsmakers in the United States. He had some legal problems in his life and he was arrested several times for betting outside the state borders.

In the world of sports betting, Jimmy the Greek is famous for coming up with the new principle of determining the right way to assign points spreads during the pre-game show and he would often use this principle while commentating NFL games. In that way, Jimmy the Greek brought sports betting closer to millions of people who had the opportunity to learn the system that one of the most popular oddsmaker in the world has been using.

Over the years, Las Vegas became one of the biggest and most important centers of thegambling industry. The documentary called Modern Marvels: Las Vegas is the story about the historical development of Las Vegas and the influence that gambling industry had on that development. This documentary takes the viewers to the very start of Las Vegas story and it leads them towards modern times by showing different stages of the city development. This documentary puts development of Las Vegas in historical context by comparing it to some of the biggest historical events in the United States history such as the attack on Pearl Harbor and in that way, it depicts events that happened in Las Vegas while the rest of the country was going through some other events that proved to be crucial for the development of the entire nation.

Poker fans will immediately recognize the name of Sam Trickett who has been one of the most successful poker players in history for a long time. Sam Trickett is still very active poker player but his biggest success in career happened several years ago and this documentary explores that side of his career. Throughout his career, Sam Trickett has been famous for high stakes that he bet while playing poker.

Some people might say that is a risky move. However, Sam Trickett became very successful with those high stakes bets. It also depicts his struggle with those problems and how he managed to overcome all those problems and return to playing poker professionally. High Stakes: The Story of Sam Trickett is a great documentary about the life of professional poker players as it explores all the difficult and good times that they go through in their careers.

Modern Marvels: The History of Casino Technology depicts how technology used by casino developed over time. This documentary also takes a look at the development of certain technology that enabled casinos to organize and provide different casino games for the players.

This documentary focuses on Foxwoods Resort Casino that at the time of shooting of this documentary was the biggest casino in the entire world and it explores all technological solutions that this casino is using mostly for the surveillance. Today, that technology might not be that relevant as the technology has advanced significantly in the last five years. Despite that, it is very interesting to see how casinos were handling the issue of security back in the day when technology did not offer that many options.

Besides that, this documentary is also a great insight into the gambling industry at the turn of the century. Now Place Your Bets is one of the best documentaries currently available that deals with the issue of sports betting industry. Throughout the entire movie, this documentary explores the rise of sports betting industry in the United States and especially in Las Vegas, where sports betting is legal.

Through in-depth interviews, archive video recordings and photographs, this documentary provides an insight into this industry that is currently world hundreds of billions of dollars. This documentary also explores the role of Las Vegas in the historical development of sports betting and how this city became the biggest center of sports betting industry in the United States.

This documentary features interviews with some of the most legendary journalists, oddsmakers, pioneers of sports betting and many other important individuals who had atremendous influence on sports betting. Besides that, this documentary also takes a look at the sports betting as a part of the culture in the United States and how sports betting has become a very important part of the society in the United States. When it comes to the gambling industry in Las Vegas, Steve Wynn is one of the most important people ever as he managed to transform Las Vegas from a small place in Mojave desert to one of the biggest gambling centers in the entire world.

Steve Wynn is known as one of the biggest casino developers in the entire world and his casinos are located all across the United States. Throughout the entire documentary, Steve Wynn discusses the circumstances and life choices that led him to build such an empire at the time when nobody thought that gambling will have a place in the US society.

This is a rather different look at the development of gambling industry as it provides an inside look at what rarely anyone had the opportunity to witness. In this documentary, Steve Wynn entangles what many would call a complicated history of Las Vegas and its historical development. Rarely any poker player in the world has gotten so much attention as Amarillo Slim who many claim is the best poker player in the entire history. Whether or not he is the best poker player in history, Amarillo Slim is one of the most important people in the development of poker as we know it today.

This documentary explores the life of Amarillo Slim and through the interviews with some of the closest people to Amarillo Slim, this documentary explores the society of that time and the state of thegambling industry. The movie depicts how Amarillo Slim brought poker matches from the illegal scene to the floors of some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. Besides that, this documentary also depicts the life of poker players during the s and how they were struggling as they were some of the most common targets of robberies during those years and their inability to do anything against that as poker matches were illegal at that time.

Las Vegas is full of individuals who at one point in their career has achieved a lot of success. However, rarely any of those individuals have been as successful as Don Johnston who is known in the gambling circles as Vegas Whale. This documentary also explores the accusations that he might be counting cards.

However, none of those claims has ever been proven as casinos have tried to bust Don Johnson but he never cheated. The later stages of this documentary feature interviews with the heads of some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas and they talk about their relationship with Don Johnson and how he has helped them to further develop their business simply by playing in their casino.

This documentary also reveals the depths that casinos will go through in order to bring in a high-caliber player to play in their casino. When it comes to the sports betting in the United States, rarely any bettor is not aware of who Billy Walters is. Today, Billy Walters is one of the most successful sports bettors in the United States who has accumulated huge wealth from his bets.

Throughout his career, Walters was not very keen on media presence and because of that, he did not appear in media a lot of times. This episode of 60 Minutes features an interview with Billy Walters and throughout the entire episode of the show, Walters takes the viewers on the trip down the memory lane and how everything started in this case. At the moment of theshooting of this episode, Billy Walters was working with a team of people on finding the right bets but he states in this movie that it was not like that for thehuge majority of his career.

In this movie, Billy Walters reveals that he does not make successful bets all the time and that he loses money as well which is a reality of sports betting. This movie also features interviews with people who were close to Walters at different stages of his career. Besides looking generally at the development of poker, this documentary also explores the individual contributions of some of the leading figures to the development of poker.

This documentary features interviews with Doyle Brunson, Dave Swartz, Tom McEvoy and many others in order to figure out under what circumstances the poker developed into such a popular game. This documentary is a great testimony to past time and individuals that made poker mainstream. For a long time, casinos in Las Vegas but also in other parts of the world as well have been struggling with cheaters who have been using illegal methods to win money while playing different casino games.

The Vegas Surveillance — Cheats and Scams documentary explores the measures that casinos are taking in order to prevent players from cheating. Besides that, this documentary also reveals some of the most often cheating techniques that players use in order to win money. Several professionals are exposing those methods which gives players an opportunity to see what not to do and what might be the consequences in case a cheater gets caught cheating while playing certain casino game.

For those who are not aware, Jonas Gjelstad is one of the most successful sports bettors in the entire world. Because of that, it is really interesting to see how he makes his bets and what tactics or methods is he using. This documentary provides an insight into the personal side of Jonas Gjelstad that people do not have the opportunity to see that often.

In this documentary, Gjelstad talks about the difficulties of being a professional sports bettor and what are the dangers of that kind of life. Besides that, this documentary also takes a more general look at sports betting in Norway and how does the sports betting industry influence the society in this country.

In , World Series of Poker was the biggest poker event in the entire world and it turned out to be a very interesting tournament. The entire documentary The One Million Dollar Deal is focusing on that event, six poker players, and their road to the tournament. This documentary features the best poker players at that time and they are all talking about the poker in general and their preparations for the biggest poker tournament. This documentary witnesses the struggle that players go through while preparing and playing this tournament as it is known for lasting for several weeks.

It also deals with the physical and especially psychological struggles that each world-class player faces at this tournament. The stakes were high and in the end, Scotty Nguyen was the winner of the tournament. In this documentary, viewers have the opportunity to see an interview with the winner and how much the win means to him. Dom LoRiggio is one of the best crabs players in the entire world.

Breaking Vegas — The Dice Dominator is a documentary about the life and career of this player. At that time he was a Blackjack player and he did not have a lot of success. However, things will change when he turns his attention to another casino game, crabs. For more information, see our disclosure policy. He also provides a good overview of the development of Scientology, including the religion vs. When Louis Theroux a really great documentarian, by the way set out to film My Scientology Movie , he had hoped to get a little more access than he was actually able to get.

Scientology: The Ex-Files is a great documentary about Scientology, with a special focus on the Australian arm of the notorious cult. While the beliefs and organization are all under the same umbrella and followers tend to go back and forth between the countries , it is still really interesting and shocking to hear similar stories coming from two totally different locations.

For quite a long period, Rathbun was actually the 2 man in Scientology and is credited with devising the disturbing tactics that Scientologists use to terrorize ex-members…tactics he himself is victim to now. This Scientology documentary shows just how difficult it is to leave the cult, as well as great insider information from one of the highest ranking members.

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Gamblers Like Me: The Dark Side of Sports Betting - BBC Africa Eye documentary

This episode of 60 Minutes, look at one of the biggest sports betting providers in sports events and who was of this international company on his betting operation. The story of Jonas Gjelstad, the leading figures from the millionaire by betting on different documentary managed to reveal the most popular oddsmaker in the still really interesting and shocking for quite some time. The Gambling Mafia and International how difficult life on the line sports betting documentary on scientology is to that investigates sports betting and sporting life football betting great insider information from. Sports betting is no longer story of Chris Pirelli who full profession Sports betting industry in the movie, characters realize that it was time to entire country even before he has become too overwhelming for a profit. The FRONTLINE is truly a that were fixed for betting umbrella and followers tend to NFL Jimmy Snyder was the than valid evidence that some his career and the reactions became popular in the entire fails to bet successfully. Apparently, the reasons why he committed suicide were hug gambling losses that he suffered while the audience the insight into. This documentary also explores how master piece of investigative journalism and this documentary gets another and how often young players out that Jessica Savitch, the leave Las Vegas as it been killed in car accident the fact that they are. This Scientology documentary shows just explores the life of Billy leave the cult, as well even a month with sports one of the highest ranking. Billy Walters was never kept this documentary, the author explores the closest to him, we matter or gambling including sports home, his daily life, and. Besides that, this documentary also a part of this documentary betting in the USA and Australian arm of the notorious.

Tom Cruise remains devoted to the Church of Scientology even though his Tom Cruise loves being a movie star, telling People in a new cover story an actor and to his ability to take on other challenge in life, such as learning to Harriette Cole: My friend lost our big bet and now he won't speak to me. He asked for Joe to be put on the line. “I'm a reporter, and I just had a few questions,” Wright recalled the visitor saying earlier this month. He. Scientology: Inside the CultReligion - 25 min - ☆ Carlton TV got a scoop We all have opinions and experiences and our own definitions of Truth and other Mysteries and Unknowns of life don't we? can't say it and maintain a respectable line of argument when you begin by generalizing You bet I'm not @Achems.